Another One Bites The Dust

Another week almost done 🙂 . . . along with another straightening iron this morning.    Whomp whomp.  Getting ready this morning it very gently fell to the floor, and one of the pads shattered.  Welp, That’s two things that are biting the dust today.  I much prefer the week ending to my straightening iron’s life ending.  Santa, I may need to add something to my list. . .

Moving on. . .  I did have a good workout this morning.

Workout of the Day:  4 treadmill miles

  • 5 minutes easy pace, 1 minute sprint
  • Finished at just under 9 minute pace

Nothing too noteable or spectacular about this run, but I finished it and that was all I was going for this morning :).

Workout Round Up


And with another Friday, comes another round up of work outs for the week.  Another very heavy running week, which will likely continue into January or February when we head for the honeymoon and my chances to run will be VERY limited.

Here was my plan for the week:

  • Monday- YOGA
  • Tuesday – 4 Mile speed Am/POSSIBLE PM 3 miles easy
  • Wednesday – 4 miles easy
  • Thursday: 5-6 miles easy pace
  • Friday – 4 miles
  • Saturday – 2 miles/SKI
  • Sunday – SKI – possible PM run

And here’s how it’s gone:

  • Monday- YOGA + 8  minute abs
  • Tuesday – 4 mile speed AM/PM 3 miles @ incline
  • Wednesday – 4 miles easy
  • Thursday – 5 miles easy pace
  • Friday- 4 miles
  • Saturday 2 miles/SKI
  • Sunday- SKI possible PM run

Italicized because still planned

So, the week has gone pretty well exactly to plan.  Yay me!

Now just 8 hours separates me from the weekend and a night on Winter Park! 🙂

Question of the Morning: Have you broken anything expensive recently?  Anyone want to send me their old straightening iron?

18 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Oh no! I hate when you break something you’re in the middle of using! Then you’re scrambling to get ready and it just adds to the sad death of said appliance. I’m not going to respond to your “have you broken” question because I will jinx myself.

  2. I have driven my husband’s fairly expensive car into the side of the garage not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. The guy at the body shop is always like…”you’re here again?” and it’s in the exact same place everyyyyyy time. What can I say, we have an ultra narrow garage!!

  3. Knock on wood but I haven’t broken anything expensive lately.
    Good thing is that you broke yours close to a time when gifts are given… 🙂 Hope Santa listens.
    Great job on your workouts.

  4. Way to stick to your plan! My straighter is definitely on its way out but I dont want to buy a knew one because i want new running shoes #runnerprobs

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