WIAW one sixty four

Happy Hump Day, and just as importantly, Happy What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the wonderful Jenn at Peas And Crayons.



I have had some GREAT eats since we last met up with Jenn, but for good measure let’s just start with last night.


Open face sammies {Whole Wheat ciabatta rolls, fresh ham, heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella}

Delicious. . . as always.  Satisfying with a ton of fresh ingredients.  Really makes a difference.  Backtracking now to some other delicious goodies.

photo 1-38

My favorite breakfast was actually a total random.  Coffee and Butterscotch pudding that I found at the office.  Not exactly the healthiest choice — but man was it GOOD.


Lola’s Guacamole.  Enough said.

photo 5-18

Fresh veggie plate after a tough drive into and back from the mountains

photo 3

Homemade pizza.  A Jara household staple.

and LOTS of salads.


DSC_0313DSC_0314photo 1

You know I enjoyed plenty of treats as well — but none of them seemed to photograph even close to how awesome they tasted.

photo 3-32

photo 4

Oh well — you all know I enjoyed them!

And that my friends, is What I Ate Wednesday!  Hope you all have a great morning/afternoon.  I’ll be at a training all day for work, and then I have a pilates class that I am taking directly after, so I’ll likely be away from the computer.  But still send me some love, OK?

WIAW one sixty three

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!  I don’t think Wednesday’s get enough credit, personally.  We all know the “hump day” nickname, but really, it is the beginning of the downhill.  Especially for me.

Wednesday marks the beginning of the downhill slope, a later night if desired because Thursday is my late start day, and then it’s Friday.   Yup.  I’d say I appreciate Wednesday :).

BUT — if you need another reason to love hump day, it’s also WIAW day!



Hosted by the one and only Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  As always, thanks so much for hosting Jenn!  So let’s get started!

Unfortunately, my breakfasts have not been very veggie filled as of late (I need to work on that) . . . but if we go back to when my parents were here a few weeks ago. . .



A quiche filled with veggies and a side of greens. . . delish!

photo 1-37


If we go back to my meal last night . . . Hello greens!

photo 2-39


A simple arugula salad with mushrooms, broccoli and peppercinnis.

photo 4-19


photo 3-28


Served with tuna and an amazing Whole Foods pretzel roll.

It was a great meal!

And just for fun:  A few highlights of veggie filed meals as of late!

photo 1 (1)


Pizza that was filled with veggies and topped with greens!  We love our veggies!

photo 1-28


And a mexican bake filled with all kinds of veggies.  Sweet potatoes, corn, peppers, onions.  YUM

And that my friends is WIAW!  Head to Jenn’s page to see what everyone else is eating!


What I Ate Wednesday And DailyMile

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I’ve got a couple things for you today,  But since I like to start the day of fun (and with food), let’s begin with What I Ate Wednesday!

I’ve missed the last couple weeks thanks to the holidays and crazy schedules, so I’m excited to share some of eats with you all!  Especially because I’ve joined Instagram and can make food look even prettier ;).  So, here my friends, are some of my favorite eats of the New Year!

photo 4-1

My first meal of the New Year was brunch at Gallop Cafe.   Talk about food porn, this was a delicious and beautiful looking meal


Brunch served to us by the directors at our office!  Lots of fruit, yogurt and white chocolate chips 🙂

photo 2-4

When I get a sushi craving . . . I get a sushi craving!  This was actually dinner New Years Day.

20140104-081530.jpg 20140104-081546.jpg

Our first dinner out of the New Year, BANG!  The cobb salad at this place is something special, trust me.

photo 4-3photo 2 (1)

I’ve been the salad queen this new year!  Thank you extra greens this week.

photo 1 (1)

photo 1 (3)20140107-190509.jpg

Some delicious homemade meals!

photo 2 (3)photo 2-5

And of course some sweet treats to end the day!

And that my friends, have been some of my favorite eats of the New Year!  I look forward to reading all your eats of the week to with the WIAW link!

Workout Of The Day

Moving on to the second reason you all stop by!  My workouts of the day :).  This mornings run was NOT an easy one, which was surprising because I woke up with a bit of pep in my step.  Oh well, the tough runs make us appreciate the easy ones, right?

Workout of the Day:  4 miles + abs


  • Easy-ish pace with 1 minute spring pace every 5 minutes.

Daily Mile Report

I got something really cool in my email this morning


My 2013 daily mile report!  Unfortunately I am sure that I wasn’t perfect in my posting, but overall I think it’s pretty accurate.  Such a cool way of reflecting back on the year!

And that, my friends, is all she wrote this AM!  Have a great Hump Day!