Silent Sunday: Long Hike

It’s been a busy but great weekend in the Jara household.  I’ll give you all the full update tomorrow, but I wanted to share pictures from Zach and I’s BEAUTIFUL hike this morning to tide you over.

PS:  I have some big exciting news regarding a race and new sponsor that I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow.  Please check in, it comes with discounts and deals for you as well :).  And my first Warrior Dash!










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Highlight of your weekend in one word


Silent Sunday Breck Edition

Happy Sunday.  The family is all back in Denver after a great weekend in the mountains.  Lemme tell ya, the mountains are not just for skiing!

I’ll be back tomorrow with details of the weekend, we had lots of fun!  But for now, I’ll share some pics!

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Silent Sunday


photo 1-49

photo 3-38

photo 2-50

photo 4-24

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photo 2-51

photo 4-25

photo 3-39

  • Another morning on the slopes
  • Solid continental breakfast via The Village in Breckenridge
  • A quick circuit workout and not so sure about another ski day on sore legs
  • Couldn’t get enough PB today: PB stuffed pretzels = the ultimate afternoon snack
  • Lots of lemon water, served fancy style
  • Hung out with Will Ferral this afternoon
  • Gus and I enjoyed lots of walks to enjoy the sunshine
  • Homemade pizza night!
  • Continental breakfast contributed to my dessert tonight