Not My Morning But It Was My Run

Whomp whomp.  This has been kind of a weird weekend for me…anyone else?

Yesterday was a blissfully relaxing afternoon.  Once Zach and I got back from our  brunch and grocery shopping, we pretty much didn’t move from the couch for the rest of the afternoon.  Entertainment included:

  • Beerfest
  • HGTV
  • Something Borrowed
  • A lot of college football
  • Inception/Source Code

Quite the variety, ehh?

This Morning

Zach is crazy and decided to go skiing, even though we are in the middle of the arctic currently (more power to him…pray for no frostbite).

He left around 7 AM or so to get to the mountain when it opened.  By 730 I heard a really loud CRASH.  It was one of those things that integrates itself into your dreams (maybe it was because I watched Inception?).  It took me a few minutes to actually get up and realize what was going on. . .



This guilty looking dog had not only eating half of a carmel apple coffee cake, defrosting left over banana bread, he had also knocked over the trash can, spreading trash ALL over the apartment.

When I first woke up, I only really noticed the trash.  I picked it up, vacuumed, scolded Mr. Gusman, and went back to bed.  It wasn’t until I got up closer to 845 that I realized how much he had gotten into.  Somebody is in trouble today . . .  Such a bummer — I was really looking forward to that breakfast!

To get out my frustration, I decided to head down to the gym for a quick run . . . but to my added frustration, there was no treadmill available.  This has only happened to me once in the 1.5 years we’ve lived here…

Whomp whomp.  I jumped on the stationary bike and waited for a treadmill to open up.  Thankfully it didn’t take very long and I was on my way to a great sweat fest.  Thanks to a distracted mind, and inspiration from yesterday’s post and comments, I decided to add a few miles onto my run.

Workout of the Day: 6 miles 


Oh yeah — bringin’ back the treadmill shot.

This run actually FLEW by for me. . . I started the pace at 6.3, and then added .1 every minute until 6.8 (6 minute intervals).  I kept repeating this for 30 minutes.  For the second half of the run, I would do the same, except I would go up until 7.1.  The run FLEW by because I was constantly changing up the pace. . . I highly recommend it!

But now folks, it’s time for this girl to find some grub….since my furball decided to eat my planned breakfast!