Cardio and Workout ADD

Good Morning and Happy Glorious Saturday!


Gus and I just got back from a nice long walk.  The weather was PERFECT for a light jacket and closed toed shoes.  Beautiful, sunny with a nice breeze.  Sometimes I love Spring.

This long walk was the end of my random work out ADD this morning.

Workout of the Day

I slept in until the unheard of hour of 9 AM this morning.  I have no clue what got into me, but I am OK with it.  Extra sleep = extra happy Ashley.

I drank down a quick glass of Nuun and ate a few chunks of granola before heading down to the gym — for some kind of work out (I really had no idea what to do because we had PLANNED to go skiing but last minute Zach changed his mind).


I started the work out with an easy mile on the treadmill watching She’s All That.  My legs said PLEASE NO after yesterday’s hard work — so I called it quits at one and moved over to the weights.


I did a hodgepodge of:

  • incline sit ups
  • bridges
  • push ups
  • bicep curls (20 lbs)
  • overhead triceps (12 lbs)
  • leg press (50 lbs)
  • weighted punches (3 lbs)
  • plank rotations

And then moved onto the bike where I listened to an NPR podcast for 15 minutes and zoned out


I can definitely tell my legs are getting stronger on the bike — which is awesome.

I then moved BACK to the weights for another 10-15 minutes.

Then did a minute hard run, and hit the stairs

Not the stair stepper, but the stairs in my building (thankfully nobody came down in the 10-12 minutes I was in there).  I did our 4.5 stories 10 times and then headed home, where I did another plank and then walked the pup.

Weird, right?  It was one of those mornings I really wish I still had my heart rate monitor because I’d be very curious how high my heart rate got/how steady it stayed.

I will likely do some random strength moves because the BLUES are playing the hometown Av’s so we actually get to watch it on TV.  I normally get bored during commercial and intermission so I’ll probably continue with the work out ADD.

Anybody else every have work outs like this?  Any recommendations for other things I can do when I’m feeling ADD?

Friday Round Up — A Snowy Week

I love the excited feeling that comes along with late afternoons at work on Friday.  Everyone has been trucking away all week, we’re all anticipating the coming weekend, and everyone is just in good spirits. Makes me Happy 🙂

With that said, let’s round up the week!

Work outs

  • Monday: Easy 5k + Hill/Spring work

photo 4

  • Tuesday: Tabata routine

photo 4 (1)

  • Wednesday: Cardio routine + weights


  • Thursday: Rest and Stretch


  • Friday: 2 cardio routines for 5+ miles

photo 4 photo

And as for this weekend, I’ve got a ski day planned for tomorrow and then an outdoor run planned for Sunday.  Lookin’ forward to it already.

I was pretty run down in the middle of the week, so this weeks work outs are ALL successes.  I’m working on listening to my body and making sure that if it needs rest, that’s what I give it!


photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)


photo 1

photo 2



photo 1

Oh man, some great eats this week 🙂 So much color and variation — just what I love!


photo 2

Oh lord, the ice cream.  Sorry for the terrible picture, but YUM.

Something I’m loving this week


LOVING oil pulling!

Hope you had a great week, friends!  See you on for the weekend!


First off, thank you all SO much for all your care and concern on my morning post.

I think I had you all a little more concerned than  you need to be (which just shows me how awesome you all are).  I definitely didn’t wake up sick this morning, just woke up very Sluggish — exhausted, and feeling overall run down.

For all you regular readers, you know I’ve been switching up my work out routine a bit lately and trying a bunch of new strength routines.

photo 4 (1)

I think my body is just still trying to adjust to new work outs, and I myself am still trying to find the correct balance for myself. I’m currently doing 2-3 days of strength, 2-3 days of running, and one total cross training day (with variation of course).

Maybe my body is wanting a little less of something, or a little more?  But either way, the rest my body was asking for this morning was just that. Rest.  Ever since getting very sick after my honeymoon, I am VERY cautious to listen to my body’s cues as I NEVER want to be that ill again.

When my body felt run down this morning, I postponed any activity and rested.  I then woke up, did some light stretches, and went along with my day.  I drank a ton of water, and ate a bit of a higher calorie diet than may be normal for myself.

I spent my lunch stretching and relaxing

bbb (1)

{only the stretch guide. . . not the AMRAP routine}

and feel like post work I may be able to squeeze in a light work out, leaving tomorrow to be my scheduled rest day.

I am going to begin training for a relay in May, so April is the last month where I really want to be flexible and play around with my work outs.  Considering that, and considering that I DO feel better, I am confident about squeezing in a possible work out.  Keep in mind that if I were actually ill, or if I weren’t feeling better, my butt was going STRAIGHT to the couch this evening.

And quite frankly — I wouldn’t still COMPLETELY  rule out that option, if the hubby talks me into it 🙂