My first phone post

Hello once again from St. Louis!

Or I guess I should say from my way to St. Louis.  We’re chatting now from my shiny and new iPhone while Zach and my family  head into the city to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

last night

Zach and I met up with my awesome bff and her boy for Mexican last night, once again crossing into the Missouri side where they live.

Zach and I got there a bit early to hang out and grab a drink.  You may have seen this in Instagram :).

Once we got seated we may or may not have dominated  some of the chips and salsa…Does anyone else find it impossible to stop eating these ?

Moving on…I also dominated a pretty awesome salad the size of my head. It may or may not have been pointed out that I are so much of it. What can I say, I aim to impress.

We also got to stop by their new home and see their new furballs. Zach was in heaven!

Today… I’ve verified for my parents that I am crazy with a couple quick runs on the treadmill (6 miles total averaging just under 8 minutes. Where did that come from?

So thanks for being patient with me and my first phone post! I’m sure there will be more in the future :). Please share any tips you have!