Remember Me?

Long time no chat, right?


Remember me?  I was that blogger many, many moons ago who was obsessed with all things running and chocolate.

Welp, guess what?

photo 2-22

I’m back and still love all things running and chocolate 🙂

Where  Have I Been?

Well that’s kind of a long story.  But if we want to cliff notes it here

photo 1

Zach and I bought a home

photo 2

did a LOT of work on said home (thank you Dad Jara 🙂

photo 1 (1)

Have settled in quite nicely to the new home

photo 4

And are absolutely loving being home owners :).

At the time that I started my “blog break,” we had just begun looking into moving.  At that point, we still thought we may rent, but come to find out renting is not cheap.  So, on came house hunting.

With the house hunt going full steam ahead, I also started looking into some other major “ashley” changes.   Let’s just say there are other big announcements to be made in the near future, so I hope to keep coming back!

Anyway, because of all these changes, I started to feel overwhelmed.  Blogging became something I felt I had to do versus what it had always been, something I LOVED doing.  I was also really frustrated with some things going on in my day-to-day (nothing to do with family or my hubby, there both amazing.  and I PROMISE I will share more with you all soon…sorry for the cliff hanger), so because of that, I choose to work on me.  Make the necessary changes in my life that required time and focus, always with the hope that I’d come back, refreshed and excited.  Welp, those changes are in motion and I’m back 🙂

What Will Chocolate Medals Be Now? 

I missed you guys.  I missed writing and connecting with you all.  First and foremost I fell in love with my friends and blogging family, and I am MOST excited to jump back into that world.  I hope you all know that I continued to read your blogs, but just needed to shift my focus for a little while.

I am happy to report that while there continues to be huge change in the Jara household, all things are GOOD.  When I left, things were in a tough spot and I needed to focus on ME and getting myself to where I needed to be.  Well, I guess I did something right because guys, I think I’ve found that place and cannot WAIT to share this next part of my journey with you all.

Not All Things Have Changed

Sure, there’s been lots of celebrating change around here

photo 2 (1)


photo 5 (1)

But some things have NOT changed.

photo 4 (1)

it was national ice cream day, I had to. At 10 PM. Yup.

I am still running, biking, strength training, and loving every second of it.

photo 3

Still eating lots of colorful, mostly healthy grub

photo 3 (1)

And even have a fun, new-to-me running experience coming up this Summer!

photo 1

So Where do I see my beloved Chocolate Medals?   Well, I just renewed my little space on the interwebs and plan to find that new balance of personal life, work, exercise/activity and fun.   I cannot WAIT to share these next steps with you all!

I hope you all will jump back on the journey with me cause I’M BACK! 🙂

Who Wants To Talk Running?

I swear I didn’t forget this is a running and healthy living blog 🙂

Oh yeah — back to business, as I promised.  Better late than never, right?

The run streak continues with a 5 mile run this evening post work.

Workout of the Day:  5 mile progressive run on the ol’ tread.

I know I have been getting much better about getting my patute outside and pounding the pavement for these runs, but as I mentioned earlier today Denver got it’s first real snow (and FREEZING cold temps).  While I am getting over my fear of running in the dark, I am not over my fear of running over ice and snow.

I started the run at an easy pace for me (6.2), and kept pushing it up as I felt comfortable and ended about 7.3 I believe.  I finished the run in just under 46 minutes, which is fine by me.

I didn’t  have much planned for this run, just to run by feel…but added an extra mile because I have a treat waiting for me when I finished.


That’s right…Zach and I deserved another small pistachio cake, so I got us one.   If I eat half the cake tonight (to be fair it’s only a 4 inch cake), the extra mile TOTALLY covers that, right?

Thanks, I thought so too.


POTM Update

With tonight’s 5 mile run, I’m square at 80.5 for the month of November, leaving 19.5 miles to go.  While that seems super manageable, ski season is hitting, so my little legs need to be ready at a minutes notice to hit the slopes…which may take away my weekend miles.

Let’s just say I’m not complaining 🙂



While I wouldn’t be complaining if it were, tonight wasn’t completely about running and treats.  We did have some amazing, healthy eats prepared with love from the hubs since I worked late and had to run post work…

DSCN1435 DSCN1436

Stuffed acorn squash and grilled chicken.  Ummm….hello perfect.

Question of the Night: Zach added bacon and brown sugar to the squash.  Is there anything that bacon does NOT make better in the world? Honestly?

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