What My Week Will Look Like

Woof!  Just creating this image made me exhausted today

PicMonkey Collage

Heavy focus on the poor legs this week, which is why I’m cuttin’ them a break today and Thursday.  Lots of fun and exciting things planned though, so I’m looking forward to it!


AM Arms


photo 4 (1)

Click for the routine

Lunch stretch/walk

PM Arms


AM Yoga for Runners

PM 5 miler



AM stretch

PM 4 miler



Hot Power Fusion Class






Dirty DASH!




photo 5 (1)

Plan to sleep until my eyes can’t stay closed anymore 🙂

What’s your week look like?

A Perfect Weekend and Plan For The Week

Happy Last Day of March Everyone 🙂

I gotta tell you, yes it’s always a bummer to wake up and start Monday morning — looking back on an amazing weekend tends to ease the pain just a bit.


Ashley’s Perfect Weekend

Friday Night:


The worlds BEST tortilla chips: Whole Foods homemade


Good cold beer


and a night with my BF, Leonardo.

{JK honey — but seriously.  Leo, call me}



20,000 feet plus on the slopes

A relaxing early evening in hotel including snacks + hot tub.

Then an evening out with friends until far too l ate with good food, good drinks, and good company.

{sorry I didn’t get pictures.  i was too busy enjoying the evening. . . happens sometimes}



A perfect ski breakfast with lots of healthy fats, carbs and protein.

photo 3-38

A quick circuit workout followed by a few more hours on the slopes


Tons of walks in the sunshine with the pup


An evening with another good friend, Will.


More peanut butter


Lots of coconut water + lemon to rehydrate

photo 4-25

a homemade pizza night with the hubby


With the final cap of the weekend being some experimenting in the kitchen.

This really was my perfect weekend, and yes I may have played and worked hard {and payed for it}, but my goodness it was an amazing weekend.

Zach and I went to bed right around 10 PM last night so by the time my alarm went off this morning, all of the rust from the weekend felt like it had been washed off.  Yes, I allowed myself to sleep in after an indulgent weekend.  BUT I did get in a good 20 minute yoga session, and have plans for an AWESOME outdoor run tonight to enjoy the weather.

Plan for the Week

I ended last week feeling strong and confident, and want to roll that into this week as well.  Here’s my plan to do JUST that :).

  • Monday: AM yoga + PM run
  • Tuesday: AM Strength session
  • Wednesday:  Speed work run
  • Thursday: Walk with the Pup
  • Friday: Hill/Interval treadmill run
  • Saturday/Sunday: SKI one day/Run one day

As always, I leave room for flexibility because, you know, life happens :).


I have a couple goals this week.

  • HYDRATE!  Never be without water and constantly be sipping.   This is always difficult for me — for whatever reason.  I get full easily and when I drink a ton of water, I get a “water baby” and am miserable until it goes away {a water baby is that slushy belly you get after drinking lots of water}.  With that said, I KNOW I feel better overall when I drink water, so I’m going to stick to it.
  • LESS PROCESSED FOODS:  I have gotten back into a bar kick lately.  Now, I’m not damning bars, but let’s just say the processed nature of most grocery store bars scare me.  So, I know I need to chill out a bit.  My plan for the week is to eat more real, natural foods — less prepackaged foods with ingredients I am not familiar with.  I’m starting this plan off with homemade granola bars that I’ll be sharing with you all soon 🙂
  • Continue the walks with Gus as much as possible! Gus and I both enjoyed our evening walks, and I want to keep this trend up as long as the weather is cooperating.  It’s great for digestion after dinner and just fresh air 🙂

alright my friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today :).  Hope you had a GREAT weekend and have a great Monday to start the week!

Question of the Morning: TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR WEEKENDS!  Did you run/race?  See friends? Tell me 🙂 ❤

Let’s Make a Plan

Did anyone else have quite the indulgent weekend?

Sure I was super active on the slopes, but I may have also eaten my weight in granola, chips, grapes and goodies.  Sure — everything in moderation, but when I ski moderation tends to go out the door 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

No regrets — but there is nothing I like more than making a good, healthy plan for the week after a particularly indulgent weekend.

Workout Plan For The Week

Monday: Lunch workout/PM Yoga class

Tuesday: Morning Run

Wednesday:  AM: spin/strength + PM yoga

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Easy run

Saturday + Sunday: Ski/Long run

For my workouts this week, I want to focus on a few things.  Fewer runs : higher milage.  Nothing crazy — but bringing back the miles.  For cross training: YOGA AND NTC App strength


Monday: Pizza night

Tuesday: Out to dinner with Friends

Wednesday: GREENS!

Thursday-Weekend: Unknown but focus on balanced meals and drinking more h20

{we didn’t feel like doing a big grocery shopping trip yesterday so we didn’t meal plan. . . sorry ’bout that}


This is my big goal for the week friends:  I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth.   I know I talk about this often on the blog, but lately it’s been a bit out of control.  Something I want to work on this week is switching up my evening routine a bit.   Most nights right now, I currently end my evening with a huge delicious dessert then crash straight to bed.  No time in between.

What I want to work on this week is changing that routine.  Instead of eating and then crashing — I want to deliberatly STOP eating dessert, take Gus on a 15-20 minute walk, then do my evening routine (brush my teeth, wash my face, etc).  If I’m still awake, I can drink water and read/watch TV/relax etc.  But no more snacking. . . end the evening with that walk.


And that my friends, is my plan for the week.

Anything resignate with you?  How do you END your days? With a sweet? Tea? A walk?