A New Obsession?

Almost the weekend again.  And I couldn’t be more excited :).

We got let out a little early from work tonight, which is always SO nice.  Especially on our late days.  Thank you, Halloween!

Dinner tonight was a repeat of Monday nights dinner:

DSC_0375 DSC_0374

A layered bowl dish.

Greens dressed with lemon juice and sriracha.  Topped with a quinoa served with hazelnuts and dried fruit, and roasted broccoli, onions and chicken.  All dressed in a peanut dressing.

Delish and could not be more simple.

My New Obsession


I spoke to you all both pre and post race about how I wanted to shift my focus a little bit after having trained for so many months between my two halves.

I have big racing goals for my future, but I find that it is important to BALANCE my life in every element, including exercise.

This afternoon I was feeling a little blah.  WARNING GIRLY MOMENT: I was having a bit of a fat day…and just couldn’t shake off this feeling of general BLAH.

I was speaking to my neighbors last night about Crossfit and different WODs (Work out of the day).  They have always said I’d love it, but last night I got really excited about the potential. Now I fully understand that it is a HUGE financial investment, and one that I am not ready yet to take.  BUT, they told me you can find all kinds of WODs and work outs online.  So this afternoon, feeling blah, I did just that.

I found this website, website that had 100 travel WOD’s on it.  WIthin a minute, I was inspired to try one during my lunch.

I went on a quick walk, to get some fresh air, and then completed my first, easy in comparison, WOD.

6 reps of for time

  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 squats

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well I finished a little sweaty and feeling a hundred times better about myself.

Afterwords, I tweeted about the difference a quick workout can make in our overall sense of self and wellbeing.

The first thing I did after my break was look into other WODs I could easily do from home.  And of course, after walking the dog and prepping dinner, I just HAD to try another.

10 reps for time:

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 sit ups

Phew.  This one got me, but in all the best ways.   I have a feeling these little work outs are going to become regular in my routine.  There are also a ton of running incorporated WODs, which you know I am excited about trying ASAP!

Alright guys, time to sit down with a movie and eat that Halloween candy that I have resisted all day.  I have some time to make up for here 😉

Question of the Night:  Ever tried a WOD or been interested in trying?


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Introducing. . . And My Favorite Halloween

Nobody guessed what my errand was this morning.  I’m such a sneaky one!

fgdmv dmv


This morning I had to go to the Colorado Department of Revenue to get my new Colorado license.

Can I tell you all a secret?  I’ve still had my Illinois license up to this point.  I didn’t want to change it when we moved here, just to have to do it again when I changed my name, so I played a risky game and waited.  Let’s keep this between you and I, because I am sure I can get in trouble.  But needless to say, upps.

I got to the DMV about 845 this morning and was done by 915.  Fairly easy, minus a few issues with my finger prints and photo (I have bad finger prints, I’ve been told this for YEARS when I get background checks done for work.  Apparently I have shallow grooves.  Thanks Mom and Dad ;))

While the DMV was quick and easy, there was one issue that I noticed AFTER the fact that has me a wee bit concerned.

When I changed my name with Social Security earlier in the week, I changed it to Ashley Abbett Jara.   Keeping my maiden name as my middle name.

I used my Birth certificate as ID this morning at the DMV, which shows Ashley Nichole Abbett.  Well I guess the lady who was processing my paperwork use THAT and not my paperwork from Social Security, because sure enough my Temp ID (In Colorado you get a paper temp ID right away, and then your ID is sent in the mail within 30 days), it says Ashley Nichole Jara.

Now I know there are plenty of people who have multiple middle names, so I am not making a huge deal out of this…but I am curious if anyone else has experience with this.  So, legally, I will be Ashley Abbett Jara, but my ID states my previous/other “middle” name, Nichole.   Will there be a time where this becomes an issue?

Zach and I spoke about it this morning and ultimately figured it wouldn’t be a huge issue, but plan to make sure my passport specifically says Ashley Abbett Jara when I change it after our honeymoon.   But I am curious if you all have any thoughts on the matter…

Favorite Halloween Memory

I’m not dressing up for Halloween this year unfortunately (but I have LOVED seeing everyone’s pictures!), but I wanted to try and get into the spirit so I started thinking back on previous Halloweens and my favorite moments from them.

I would have to say my favorite Halloween is probably Zach and I’s first one together.



True Blood was HUGE at the time, so we dressed up as Sookie and Bill, the two main characters of the show.  We’d only been together about 6 months at the time, but I remember LOVING having someone that I could do a couples costume with!  I had never done a couples costume before, or a homemade costume for that matter, so I had a blast with this one.  Not to mention, I had a pretty great time as a new girlfriend pointing to my costumes better half all night ;).

For my costume, I just bought a plain white tee, a small thing of green fabric, and fabric paint and glue.  I wore a pair of black shorts and sneakers I already owned, then just put my hair in a curly side ponytail, similar to Sookies.  Easy, cheap, and comfortable!


Question of the Afternoon:  What’s your favorite Halloween memory?  Ever done a couple costume?


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Happy Halloween!

Happy Thursday Morning all, but more important, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Where I grew up in Southern Illinois, we trick-or-treated on October 30, the night before Halloween (for whatever reason, I’m not really sure).  Did anyone else ever trick-or-treat on a day besides Halloween?

My apartment building is throwing a little party in our main lobby to celebrate, but thanks to Zach and I’s crazy schedules resulting in to even THOUGHTS of costumes, and the fact that Thursdays are my late nights, I am going to have to skip it.  Whomp whomp.

Does anyone out there have any Halloween plans?  Parties?  Trick or treating with the kiddos?  Trick or treating yourself and trying to pass for a kiddo (That sounds like a great idea.  I’m 5′ tall, I guarantee I could get away with this).

This Morning

My bed was EXTRA cozy this morning, and from 6 to 630 I spent my time justifying running AFTER work instead of before work.  I had all kinds of reasonings:

  • I’ve got an errand to run before work
  • I always run stronger after work, I’m more pumped
  • If it’s a long day, I’ll want to run

etc etc…but no excuse was a good excuse so I pulled my butt out of bed for a fairly speedy, but good workout

Workout of the Day:  30 minutes treadmill run with 4 intervals of 2 minute speed bursts, 1 minute recovery + 4 minute plank cool down

I did 10 minute warm up between 6.2 and 6.3 easy on the treadmill.  Then for the next 12 minutes I cycled between 8.0 for 2 minutes, and 6.0 for one minute.  Once I was done with my fourth round, I eased it into the 5k mark, then walked it out until I hit 30 minutes.  It ended up being 3.25 miles total.

You better believe Fall Out Boy got me through those speed intervals, on repeat.  Then I spent some time with Miley and her Wrecking Ball during my plank.

I need new taste in music.

And now — time to hurry and finish getting ready.  I have another exciting errand to run before I get to work this morning, so I’ve got to get to it.

A hint:  My errand this morning has something to do with what I did Monday during my day off (I posted about it).

Can anyone guess what it is??

Quesiton of the Day:  Can anyone guess what my errand is?  OR Any halloween plans?

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