On March 17, 2014 I started the #100DayChallenge on Instagram to document 100 days of Activity.  That does NOT mean I’m doing hardcore cardio 100 days in a row (been there done that with the run streak).  For me, this challenge means being active and staying active.  Some days, that’s going to be a long, beautiful run.  Other days, that’s going to be a yoga class. And others, even a walk with the dog.

For me, this challenge is about being accountable to my own health and motivating others to find creative, fun and new ways to be active!  Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage

Day 11: YOGA 🙂

photo 4

Day 9: A tough run!


Day 8: Tabata workout for the win!


Day 7: ski ski again!


Day 6: Hitting the slopes

PicMonkey Collage

Day 5: Speed work 4.25 miles

PicMonkey Collage

Day 4: Speed work 4.25 miles


Day 3: 5 easy pace miles

PicMonkey Collage1

Day 2: Interval run + abs


#Day1 YOGA

10 thoughts on “#100DayChallenge

  1. I wish I was more motivated to work out by myself! I need a class or something so I feel obligated to go, haha! I would love to try out yoga or pilates, I have only done some of those home videos, which felt pretty good!

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