My First Giveaway Winner!

YAY!  Time to announce my first Giveaway winner!


I fell in love with Mile Markers and knew when I finished it that I wanted to share the love!

Well, without further adu, using Random Number Generator, The winner is:

So exciting (first giveaway)!! I have heard wonderful things about this book both from you and other runner-bloggers I follow. I would love this book because I have huge reading + running goals for 2014 to recommit and replenish my life with two of the things I love most in this world but too often cut out due to other “priorities.”

Congrats Caitlin! 🙂  Email me @ with where you want me to send it!!!

I see many more giveaways in my future 🙂  What are some other fun healthy living/running giveaways you all have seen or would like to see?

Friday Round Up – Happy Healthy Girl

So Thanks to the Weird-for-me week, I didn’t do a workout “plan” Monday.  Actually, if you asked me Monday, I thought I was going to be taking a break from running. . .


kick up my feet and take a break.

But, after 24 hours of good rest and mental re-booting, I felt better and more inspired than I have been in a long time.

This week I’ve made a very concerted effort to eat Whole, natural, and GOOD FOR ME foods through out the entire day, not just when it’s convenient.

I’ve eaten a lot of oatmeal, fresh and dried fruit, peanut butter and tortillas, and other fun foods to get me through my work day.  As well as yummy salads, delicious pizza, sushi, and homemade tacos to get me through dinner.

Picture 006DSC_0471DSC_0467DSCN1493

My energy and state-of-mind has been better than ever, and I have been feeling GREAT.   Through out the entire week I’ve only had a half of a protein bar. . . and considering I was eating them daily, sometimes TWICE daily, through out the week, this is  pretty great progress.

To go along with my good eats and good energy, my workouts have been pretty spectacular as well 🙂

  • Monday: REST and reboot
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: AM 4 mile run, PM 3 mile run + Abs
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run + full body workout
  • Friday: 4 mile run

This weekend we have possible ski plans . . . with hopes of multiple (indoor) runs interspersed.   I couldn’t be happier with how my body has rebounded this week, and my hope is that there is no lookin’ back.  My body has been responding WELL to making the little bit of extra effort to have whole, real food. . . and I’ve been able to push a wee bit harder in response.  All good news for this girl :).

Cheers to healthy eating, exercise, and balance.

Question of the Afternoon:  How has your motivation level been since Thanksgiving?  You kickin’ tale or struggling to get out there?

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Beer Date Night and Easy Breezy 4 miles

Good Morning!  Happy Friday!  And apologies for skipping out on you guys last night!

I promise I thought about you lots, but Zach and I went out on an impromptu date night. . .took some great pictures to post, and then noticed that I left my camera cord at work by the time I got home.  Upps.

So I ended up just relaxing with the boy, eating a ton of my new favorite treat (more about that later).

So, better late than never…

Impromptu Date Night

Since Thursdays are my late night, and Zach has been working in the office this week, we ended up planning last minute to meet at one of our favorite spots, Denver Brew Company (I’ve posted about them a few times, one of our favorite neighborhood spots).

They had a Beer and Chocolate pairing last night, but with the crappy weather there was very little turn out so Zach and I decided to save our money, hit up the food truck, play some board games, and just enjoy some good beer and better company :).

Picture 001


My first beer, their Graham Cracker Porter, a classic and a goodie.


Picture 002


It is flipping COLD here in Denver.  Flipping cold.

Picture 003


Zach making score cards for our rousing game of Yatzee… (we played 5 games, I beat him in 4, and had a killer overall win as well.  Just saying. . . )

Picture 004


How cute are their drawings right now?

Picture 005 Picture 006


Chicken pesto pizza. . . Hello Lover!  SO delicious.  Zach had a sausage and fennel pizza, which was also really good.

We had SUCH a great night just hanging out, chatting and playing board games.   We haven’t been to Brew Co in awhile and were definitely reminded why we were on a streak of going there often for awhile.  The beer is great, the atmosphere is fun, and it’s just an overall good place to be.  Doesn’t get much better…

The night wrapped up with me dominating a bag of my new favorite treat…

Picture 007


Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps…while August totally judged me.  Not cool lady.  Not cool.

This Morning

Woke up feeling well rested and ready for the weekend.  Since I was so chipper, I decided to hit up the treadmill for a quick rhomp to start of the weekend well.

Workout of the day:  4 miles

  • 10 minutes constant pace 6.3-6.4 warm up
  • 3 minutes 6.3-6.5, 2 minutes 8.0-8.1
  • repeated the second set 6 times for a total of:
  • 4 miles in about 35 minutes.

Not to shabby, and I actually felt REALLY good on this run.  It was a nice change of pace from my feeling a little icky in my chest/head the past week or so.

I’ll be back tonight with the winner of my first GIVEAWAY! 🙂  Stay tuned!



Question of the Morning:  do you have a go-to easy date night spot?  Or just a favorite watering hole?