Just Another Quick Check In. . .

Just got back to our Bed and Breakfast after an amazing day of wedding festivities.

Just wanted to stop in and show some love to a beautiful, and happy couple after an amazing night of celebration.


This photo is evidence of the fun that was had on the dance floor this evening.  We all left, sweaty, happy messes.  And wouldn’t change a bit of it.

And now, wouldn’t you believe it.  Less than a week until our own.  I honestly can’t even think straight I’m so excited 🙂

Sending lots of love form the East Coast!  I’m looking forward to a morning with friends, and then getting back to you all with a full recap of the weekends festivities!   It’s been a great one!

PLEASE FILL ME IN! I feel like I’ve been gone for too long.  What have you guys been up to this weekend?


Hello from New York!

Good Morning and Happy Saturday all!

I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday.  We left Denver about 9 AM and didn’t pull into Hudson until after 9 PM, so it was a full day of travel.  By the time we got into our Bed and Breakfast, we just needed rest!  

I didn’t forget about you all though!  

Right now it’s time to shower up from my run and get ready to celebrate an amazing couple, but know that I will be back later to share my whole trip with you guys!

A picture from my run this morning, and also where we stopped for a quick dinner last night.

Happy Saturday all! We’ll talk soon!

Friday Fun — A Running Survey!

Good Morning and Happy Friday all!

So when my friend Amy of fitnessmeetsfrosting posted this fun running survey yesterday, I knew I had to copy her and do it myself today. It was perfect because I could easily pre-write it, and post it so you don’t miss me TOO much while I’m traveling all day today to the East Coast.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back tonight with a full travel review 🙂

Thanks, Amy for the fun survey!  We are twins, so it just made since that I copy you 😉

1.     Do you prefer to run a large race like Rock N Roll or smaller local races?  Why?

My first race was actually the Chicago RnR Half Marathon in 2012.  I was extremely anxious for this race and I know the large crowd and energy really helped me.


My second half showed me that I actually prefer the small local races as a I grow a bit more comfortable in my running, though.  I ran the Steamboat Half Marathon in 2013 and it was honestly a major event for me in my running.   Something about the beauty of the run and minimal crowd support made me feel very connected to my fellow runners in a unique way.  Not to mention it while the bulk of the race was quiet and scenic, it still ended in downtown Steamboat (much smaller than a big city, but still fun), so it ended with a TON of energy when you need it 🙂

Read my review of the race here: Steamboat Half Marathon Review

2.     Do you typically plan a vacation around a race?

For Steamboat, Zach, Gus and I stayed overnight in a hotel and made a nice little quick weekend out of it.  It’s about 3  to 4 hours depending on weather from Denver, so it was a long enough to not want to do in one day, but short enough for the short stay.


I LOVED getting away for the run, and know I will do it in the future.  My next half is in St Louis, where I’m from and where my family is still, so I’m really looking forward to that.  The one thing I will say about traveling for a race:  I recommend giving yourself a day or two POST race to stay in the location.  The days leading up to the race, most of us focus on rest and carbs, but the days after you can eat and do whatever you want and feel great about an amazing race on top of it.

3.     We always talk about things we need to work on, but tell me the positive things you are good about doing before/after a run.

I am very good at self motivation.  I KNOW that my body is capable of more than my mind tells it.  I have a strong ethic and actually ENJOY pushing myself out of my comfort zone, especially when it’s over :).  I wake up most mornings not wanting to run, but am able to push through the mental mumbo jumbo and get ‘er done.

4.     Gels/GU/gummy bears, what’s your favorite fuel?

I’m currently all about the Pink Lemonade Honey Stinger Energy Chews


I’ve used Gu’s in both of my previous races and done fine with them, but I REALLY don’t like the texture of them, especially after they get warm.  These energy chews I actually look forward to eating.

5.     What is one piece of gear you can NOT run without?

My two major loves right now:


Compression sleeves and socks.  Absolutely a necessity for me as I amp up mileage.  They are expensive, but worth it.  They keep lactic acid from building up in your legs, which is what causes soreness.  Now if only I could find a full body compression outfit…


And of course, my Garmin.  Unfortunately we are not getting along very well right now because it isn’t connecting to my computer, but it at least still charges and can follow my run (I just cant look up stats on my computer after).

6.     What is your favorite distance to run?

I am currently in the mindset that anything under 4 is no good (silly….I know) with the exception of my new 20 minute progressive speed run.

I LOVE the feeling after a good long run, and I seriously feel like a BEAST after a double digit run, but I struggle leading up to those distances.  Probably 4-5 miles are an ideal, any day distance.

7.     What food or foods do not sit well on your stomach before a long run?

I’m a creature of habit.  My prerun ritual is currently a Larabar and coffee, but I’ve been known to do PB and bagels/toast pre races.

DSCN0519 DSCN0520

What doesn’t work…


I KNOW alcohol influences my runs.  I am not the best at hydrating in general (which is really bad here at altitude), so when I drink the night before, the effects of dehydration are magnified.

8.     What time of day do you run?

During the Summer, the only time to run is morning before the heat kills.

It’s a little different for winter though.  It’s primarily in doors for me, so really anytime.  With that said, I am going to try and integrate at least one run outdoors a week this winter, so that I don’t become a complete wuss. Those may be post work, to take advantage of what little sun and heat I may get from the day.

9.     What is the worst or most useless piece of gear you ever bought?

Hmmm…. There’s nothing I really don’t like that I have.  I’m not a HUGE fan of my current shoes (Kahrus), but they’ve treated me well and I think it could be mental.  They were the first real running shoes I ever bought, and I’ve stuck with the brand since.  I think I just want to try something else, to make sure there isn’t something better suited for me.

10.  How would you make a piece of gear better?  Or if you could design a product what would it be?

OK — so I love Amy’s answer of watch-camera, but if I’m not copy-catting, I would make my IPOD ALSO compatible with Pandora.  Unfortunately, Zach and I are from the stone ages and do not have smart phones (I gave mine up this year…I miss it), so we don’t have access to Pandora via our phones.  While I have some pretty stellar music on my IPOD, I do miss the variety of music that you get on Pandora and wish that my IPOD could have access to it all the time!


11.  What’s on your fall race calendar?

The Saint Louis Half Marathon in October 2013.


I’m pretty excited for the PR potential of this race.  Training at high altitude, I think I’ve got a good shot going back down to sea level.  We shall see! 🙂  Send good vibes my way October 27!

Thanks again for the fun survey Amy!

Question of the Day:  Your turn!  Answer any of these fun questions in the comments!