And That’s OK

Hello, everyone 🙂

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How are you?  How is life?


I want to first apologize if I had anyone worried/concerned by my absense (Hi, Mom!)

I don’t know if you all have noticed, but lately blogging has felt like a full time job.  One that I am not paid for, but one that I invest a LOT in.

The return that I get is far greater than any pay check (I ❤ you guys), but it’s time consuming.  And exhausting, at a time in my life when I have a lot of things going out outside of the blog (good things, and nothing abnormal, so please don’t read into that ;).


While I still LOVE reading everyone’s blogs and keeping up with everyone’s life, my own blog has needed to find a new place in my own.


Do I want to quit blogging?  No.

Will I be blogging daily for the time being, NO.

I want to come around and keep you all updated when I get the motivation or when I have something to say, but for now I want to spend time outdoors, with my honey, and just be.

And that’s OK 🙂