4 miles to Mexican

My first order of business when I got off work this afternoon was an easy 4 miles.  Easy, peasy, slow pace.  Even if I got bored, keep it slow.

Workout of the Day:  4 miles speed varied but easy pace

  • Finished in just over 37 minutes

Thanks to extremely exhausted legs and cramps (sorry boys), this was a tough run, physically.  Mentally I was determined, but physically my legs felt like lead.  Ehhh…it happens.  It ain’t stoppin’ this girl.  There’s a difference between tired and pain, right?

Mexican Night At The Jara’s


Dinner tonight was brought together with a few greens, bacon, tortillas and a grill.  Odd mixture?  Worth it.


  • 2 small green peppers
  • 1 large white onion
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • 4 tortillas
  • A couple leaves of romaine
  • Salt and pepper
  • Lemon juice

DSCN1571 DSCN1572


  • Large chop the broccoli, peppers and onions
  • Put them in tin foil and put on grill (A total of about 30 minutes)
  • Cut up the romain, tomato, a little left over onion and put it in a small bowl


  • Garnish with garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper
  • Put the bacon directly on the grill (about 10-15 minutes)
  • Put the tortillas on the grill directly (just to warm and blacken)
  • When everything is finished, grab your tortillas, stuff them with the veggies and bacon, garnish with the greens and enjoy!


I love taco night!

Question of the Night: What is your GO-TO taco?  Fish? Beef? Veggie?  Simple?

WIAW – Breakfast Edition

Time for my foodie self to get excited! What I Ate Wednesday, as always, hosted by the wonderful Jenn.

Since I have been working on eating WHOLE, REAL foods these past couple of weeks, my love of breakfast has been reignited.  Because of that, I thought I would make today’s edition of WIAW a breakfast edition.  Featuring some of my favorite breakfasts, savory, sweet, restaurant style, and homemade!

Homemade Breakfasts



When I make breakfast for myself, and for Zach, at home, I tend to go for the savory route, specifically eggs.  I LOVE egg scrambles.  They’re perfect “garbage” dishes, throw whatever you have in the fridge and call it delish.  I also LOVE breakfast sammies, of any variety.  Carbs, protein, and veggies.  Awesome!  And of course, PB is always number 1 in my book.

Restaurant Breakfasts



Breakfast/Brunch is ALWAYS a favorite of mine to indulge in :).  If I’m in the strickly breakfast mode, I tend to go for egg white omelettes with fruit sides, quiches, or even fresh breakfast sammies.  Lately I have also been LOVING The Whole Foods oatmeal bar!

Breakfast TREATS


Because sometimes you just have to indulge for breakfast. 🙂  I LOVE coffee cakes (homemade are the BEST), pastries, and decadent bagels with PB or a good cream cheese.  My favorite is Panera’s famous cinnamon crunch.  YUM.

Alright, who now wants brinner?

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The Lobby and Epic Christmas Ornaments

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, Humpday, and half way through the week day.

Before I get to normal Wednesday business, I want to share Zach and I’s fun holiday inspired date night that I previewed for you all last night.

The Lobby

Our night started at The Lobby, an “Inspired American Grill” in downtown Denver that Zach had been wanting to try.



Our first thought when we walked up was that we need to return when the weather is nice.  They have GREAT outdoor space that would be perfect as a beer patio.



The inside was beautifully decorated and made up for the cold outside with it’s warmth.

Zach and I came with the intention to take advantage of their happy hour, so we stuck to three of their menus.  Fried, Fresh and Stewed (you get 20% off those three menus untl 630 PM! Not a bad deal).

We treated this Tapas style and just ordered a bunch of small plates to share.  We started with the empanadas



braised chicken with pico and guajillo sauce.

Amazing.  These were tiny, but had the flakiest crust and most flavorful filling.

Then shared three plates as our “meal”


SPINACH SALAD: pickled carrot, candied almond, and spiced yogurt dressing



BEER SQUARED SOUP cheddar, Parmesan, munster, American, and 2 types of craft beers, tempura crispies


Chicken wings with parmasan garlic crust. (ZACH’S FAVORITE)

Overall ALL the food was overwhelmingly impressive.  The place itself is beautiful, but I wasn’t sure what to expect for the food.

The waiter kept mentioned how the food was all made “in house” with quality ingredients, and if the taste and presentation is any indication of that, he wasn’t lying.  The food was spectacular in flavor, texture, heat and presentation.  I was very impressed and let me tell you, Zach and I WILL be back!

Epic Ornaments

After dinner, Zach and I headed over to another one of our favorite spots, Epic Brewing Company for an ornament making event they were hosting.



For 10 dollars, you got a pint of your choice of beer, and unlimited access to fun beer-inspired stuff to fill your own glass ornament.

DSCN1567 DSCN1565


The ornaments turned out surprisingly well and the event was a ton of fun!   How often can you even buy an ornament for 10 dollars anymore, let alone get a pint of delicious beer to go along with it?  AND the opportunity for a fun date night?  Win-win!

Zach and I got home around 830, exhausted but in the holiday spirit :).  I had busted out a quick run before out date night:

DSCN1552 DSCN1555 

And Zach had run major hills that afternoon, so between our 3 total runs, a little beer, and lots of good food, we were in a blissful happy sleepy state.

Question of the Morning:  Have you ever made your own ornament?