The New Norm

And just like that, two days have passed since we talked last.  Where does the time go, my friends?  Sadly I am still trying to figure out a new schedule, and am really trying to focus on prioritizing my time, so lately that has meant a little less time for writing.  That makes me sad, but know that I still love you all, still take lots of random iPhone photos, and will still check in when I can :).  So let’s get down to business…



This pile of beauty and pure love was our Sunday morning brunch al fresco.  Chocolate chip pancakes for the win, every single time.


And because I was all about Fall Sunday, I discovered a new favorite drink.  Yes it makes me sound like a difficult yuppie, but trust me it’s amazing.

Iced Americano.  2 pumps of pumpkin.  Splash of almond milk.  #tryitandthankmelater


Apparently I didn’t stop at the pumpkin thanks to the brutal Bronco’s game us Denver folk had to deal with . . . White wine for the win.


And because my life’s mission lately is to eat all the sushi, I continued to conquer my life goals and ate some Sprout’s goodness.


But the REAL highlight of the week (and cause of my consistent stomach ache, #worthit) was anniversary cake.  Yup, as a part of our wedding cake contract we got a “free” cake to celebrate for our one year.  And boy did we take advantage of it.  This puppy was in no way, shape, or form Gluten free. And yup, I have felt it.  But like I said, totally worth it.  Thankfully, we finished that puppy off last night, and I think I’ve had my gluten fill for AWHILE.



I was crunched for time Monday night for my workout because we were going over to our friends for cocktails and snacks, so I worked on speed work to maximize the time.  1 mile easy pace (930) six 400 repeats with 60 seconds recovery in between, 1 mile easy pace, and walk it out until I got to 40 minutes.  Done.And.Done


Tuesday I had about 60 minutes so I started with a 30 minute hill session on the bike for 8.5 miles


Then did this Crossfit style work out.  Don’t be fooled by the small number of reps.  My legs were hurtin’ by the 4th and 5th round.

And then because it was right there, I did 25 superman’s on a medicine ball.  Yeah.


 there hasn’t been much to report.   Zach and I finished Parenthood over the weekend (very sad day) and have started Orange is the New Black, so expect a whole new obsession (PS:  a little too much for me in the first few episodes.  But I’ve been able to look past it).


Last night’s dinner was just a small quesadilla split between Zach and I, because we ate a ton of snacks at our friends, and really just wanted cake at that point.  #adultproblems.

Yeah, so really life as normal.  Long hours at work, but I’ve been making it work.  Zach and I are both settling in to the week MUCH more smoothly than the previous week, so we are thankful for that.

Talk to Me:  Cake or real food for dinner?  Adult problem?

12 thoughts on “The New Norm

  1. craziness — i neverrrr eat dessert for dinner (i’m such a savory person and not much into sweets), but last night i made chickpea oatmeal choc chip raisin blondies for the first time and basically ate the whole pan btwn last night and this am. yikes. not into cake unless it’s carrot cake, with allllll the accoutrements in it: raisins, pecans, real carrots, etc. chock that baby up! more stuff, less cake. 🙂

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