Friday Round Up — Last Week of March

You guys this year is flying by!  It’s already almost April and Spring time is definitely here! ❤


I’m so excited to enjoy another beautiful Spring and Summer here in Denver.  Where the mornings and evenings are always refreshingly cool, and the afternoons are Sunny and hot. 🙂

But, before we get too stuck in Sunny dreamland, let’s recap this week!


Monday:  New to me tabata work out after a quick lunch work out


Tuesday: Run!

photo 4

Wednesday: 75 minutes of yoga + a Bootcamp routine

PicMonkey CollageBootCampWorkoutCompleteeachstationforthreeminutesbeforerestingfor30secondsandmovingontothenext

Thursday: Walk with the Pup

PicMonkey Collage1

Today/Friday: Hill/Speed routine

photo 1

I was VERY excited by some new-to-me work outs this week that have left me sore in a way I never experienced before.  Sure, it has hurt my legs enough to make running a bit challenging, but oh man am I loving the burn! 

And for this weekend, I’ve got some slopes to him 🙂 ❤ And possibly another short run, we’ll see how the legs feel.



And now. . . let’s talk about the good grub we’ve been havin’ this week 🙂


5 4


photo 2 photo 3

DSC_0319 DSC_0323

photo 1-48


And some sweets!

photo 3p

I’ve loved ending my  nights with cookies and chocolate covered pretzels this week.  YUM!  I think tonight is calling for some GOOD quality dark chocolate and red wine.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Goal of the week: Walking Gus at Night

I’m going to go ahead and call this one a semi-win/semi fail.

photo 2-49

It’s a semi win because I have gotten Gusman out for a good 20 minute walk at the end of every night.  This has really helped me to move around a bit and speed up that dinner digestion 🙂

I’m going to call it a semi-fail because only one night was it AFTER dessert.  Each night it started getting later and later before I started dessert, and the ol’ boy needed out.  So, we went on our walk and THEN I enjoyed my dinner.

With that said, I did stick to my portioned out dessert, and never once went back for more.  So that in itself is a semi-win, right?

This is something I want to KEEP working on — especially as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer.

Question of the Afternoon:  Tell me about your week — in 3 words or less 🙂

Spring Friday Round Up

The sun is shining and it is another beautiful day here in Colorado.



Colorado really is spectacular in the Spring.  Yes — we get snow in April and May.  And yes, you will likely hear me complain about it.  But Spring snowy days are often followed closely by another 60 and Sunny degree day.   So there is always that :).

This beautiful day has me excited for another weekend (hello quick week!).  Tonight we’re taking it easy, and tomorrow is supposed to be stormy so we’re heading up to the mountains to enjoy the snow :), and then Sunday is sunny and 60 again so we’re hoping to enjoy Denver with a possible run and brunch.  Not. Too. Shabby.

Moving on, let’s talk about this week.


photo 2 (1)

  • Monday: PM yoga class
  • Tuesday: Speed/hill work run AM, lunch easy strength 30 minute session
  • Wednesday:  Pilates Barr class + 2 mile run
  • Thursday: Rest day with hilly Gus walk
  • Friday: AM speed work on treadmill for 4.3 + miles and quick weights

photo 4-1

Overall, I was fairly busy this week but did manage to squeeze in some intentional exercise when I could.  Two classes, two dedicated speed runs, one great walk with Gus, a strength work out.  Not too bad.  This weekend I’m planning one ski day and one run day — so I think that’ll round out the week nicely.  Stay tuned!



There were some good eats at the Jara household this week!


Homemade quesadillas


Open face sammies


With ham and heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella


Grilled chicken and salads


And we never have a week without pizza 🙂

photo 3

Zach and I were inspired to get groceries for the weekend last night while we were out after dinner so we have a few meals planned for the weekend as well before he leaves.

  • Stir fry with elk meat
  • Fresh salads
  • Homemade pizza

Sounds like some good eats to me!

And let’s wrap it up with some inspiration and love for another good week in the books.


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Question of the afternoon:  What goal are you working on right now?

Sweatin’ and Droolin’

With all my travels and sickness lately — I haven’t done a Friday round up in ages!  It’s time to change that my friends!

Work Outs

Welp, to say I’m out of my boring run rut is an understatement.  I’ve mentioned multiple times my focus lately on finding balance and truly taking care to listen to my body.  That has absolutely been reflected in my work outs this week and I’ve gotta say I’m feeling better than ever and am proud of myself.

  • Saturday: 3 mile run + walking around Boulder and Denver with the parents

photo 1-23


  • Sunday: Hilly 2 + mile walk with Gus + 45 minute CHALLENGER NTC app work out (killer).

photo 3-18

  • Monday: 3.1 mile run
  • Tuesday: Yoga class

photo 1-30


  • Wednesday: 3.16 mile run + 2+ mile walk with the Gusman
  • Thursday: Rest Day:  2 long walks (2 mile +) with Gus

photo 2-24 photo 3

  • Today: 30 minute/10.5 + mile bike ride and planned yoga class PM

You’ll notice the trend of lots of walking.  My body cannot handle the pace that I was keeping before and during the honeymoon, and it let it be known.  I am trying to find balance and all this added walking and yoga + strength training are doing WONDERS seemingly overnight for me both physically and mentally.  WIN!


20140222-150907.jpg 20140222-151002.jpg

20140222-151024.jpg 20140222-151102.jpg



photo 4-13 photo 5-12

photo 1-24 photo 2-26

photo 5-13

photo 1-26 photo 3-19

photo 5-14

photo 1-28 photo-11

photo 2-32 photo 3-21

photo 2-33




I had a focus on healthy, made-for-one meals this week and feel like I did a pretty darn good job if I do say so myself!  Lots of recipes on the blog this week so check ’em out!


And a new favorite eat for you that I wish I hadn’t found . . . 

photo 1-32


I tried this new-to-me granola bar at Vitamin Cottage yesterday and I have a sickening feeling it’s going to do some damage on my wallet for a little while.  Honest to god the best granola bar I’ve ever had.  Worth almost 3 dollars?  OUCH, but I guess so because I’m likely getting myself another today.

And that my friends, is how I’m making you sweat and drool today! 🙂  Have a GREAT weekend!

Question of the Afternoon:  QUICK:  recap your week for me! Highlight reel time!