A Fiver and Some Sustenance

Only a little over 24 hours for us Stateside until the big guy is paying us a visit!



While it was a long day at work, I am officially done and on break until next week!   HELLO CHRISTMAS!

This Evening

Since the hubs was super crazy and went for another ski day this afternoon, I took some time after work for a quick run.

Workout of the Evening: 5 miler on the treadmill

  • Watching Love it or List It to help pass the time.  One + speed mile but steady speed.  Finished in a little under 45 minutes.

By the time my run was done Zach was just settling back at home.  We were both happily exhausted and ready to eat a healthy dinner and watch some football until we go to sleep (hopefully SOON!  This girl has to be up well before 3 AM!)

DSCN1635 DSCN1633


These are old pictures, but I’m sure you guys don’t mind we repeating the pictures considering it’s our favorite go-to lately.

Garbage Salad + Chicken and Cranberry Walnut Bread


  • Roasted carrots
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Grilled onion
  • Mixed greens
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Grilled Cranberry and Walnut bread

You should try grilling your bread…it’s amazing.

Poll of the evening:

I have this idea that if I wake up at an UNGODLY HOUR tomorrow to get a short run in, that I will be able to fall asleep easier during the day for a nap (I’m normally not a good napper).  So, I am currently contemplating the crazy idea of squeezing in said ungodly early run.  I am setting up a poll to see who thinks this will actually happen:

Have a great night everyone 🙂  And Merry Christmas Eve if I don’t get back to ya!

My Plan For the Holiday Week

By the time this posts, I’ll have a little less than 5 hours until I’m done and off for Holiday break.  I could NOT be more excited.

family3familyfamily 4



Family and friends here we come!

Now of course, you know me… total freakazoid.  While I could not be more excited about the time off with family and friends, I know that moderation will be the name of the game. I did a post back before Thanksgiving about my healthy holiday tips,  and I absolutely plan to follow those same rules of thumb.

But — what are my plans for getting through the last bit of the holiday season without needing to get a new pair of jeans?

  • Run when I can.

My priority is absolutely spending time with family and friends.  But during these relaxing weekends, there is often downtime.  While I may not have completely scheduled runs in, I don’t see it being a problem to fit multiple runs in as long as I’m flexible and just wait for the opportunity (hello naptime!)

  • Start each day on a healthy note

With the possible exception of Christmas, I want to start each day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.   I find that when I start the day healthy, I tend to indulge less as a whole through out the day.

  • Eat what I like

I always have treats around . . . but I don’t WASTE valuable stomach space, especially around the holiday’s, on foods I don’t really like.  Sure, I am going to indulge,  but I am going to make sure those indulgences count.  No wasting my sweet tooth on something I’m not really going to like.  Hello homemade Christmas treats, not boxed cookies!

  • Rule: One glass of water for every alcoholic beverage I consume.

Holiday party, or just Thursday afternoon.  The holidays often include more booze than your normal week.  Let’s just say Christmas morning coffee sometimes includes Bailey’s…that’s not normal for Wednesday.  But, I am here and not making a rule for myself.  I can have a drink, but make sure I have a glass of water for every drink that I have.  Not only will this help keep me hydrated, it will also fill up my stomach more than just the booze! Win-win.


Things have been crazy around these parts, so first and foremost, I need to RELAX during this week away.  Yes, for me that includes running and activity…but that is relaxing for me. I need to take advantage of being VERY far away from all the things that normally stress me out, and just ENJOY myself so that by the time 2014 hits, I’m ready to roll! 🙂

That my friends, is my plan for the holiday!

What’s your plans for the holiday?

One More Day!

Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all are already off work and ready to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.  Still have one day of work in between me and my 615 flight to the Midwest tomorrow.

I apologize for going MIA over the weekend.  Zach and I took some time to unplug and enjoy the weekend, primarily in the mountains.  If we can’t already be with family, at least we took some time to enjoy each other.

DSCN1662 DSCN1700


DSCN1751 DSCN1721


It was a beautiful, snowy weekend with conditions that were way beyond expectations.  Zach and I stayed in Winter Park Friday night, skied for a good chunk of the day Saturday, then headed home for some intense Scrabble and Sushi.

DSCN1652 DSCN1650


Then — Zach woke up Sunday morning to see that they reported 6 new inches of snow…and had to get his happy butt back up there.  When he asked me to go, I couldn’t say no…so off we were!



Day two!

The skiing was perfect and Sunday was actually even better than Saturday.  We skiied together until about 1 PM, and then Zach went off by himself for a bit.  We met back up by 130 for wine/beer and chips, then headed back to Denver.

But not before I found a treat from Winter Park…

DSCN1770 DSCN1766


Yes, these cookie monsters as they were called were amazing.  The homemade butter cream frosting in the middle made the treat.  Unfortunately I couldn’t finish mine, but Zach had NO problem helping me out with that minor problem.

DSCN1765 DSCN1764


We also had a pizza with ingredients we had on hand:

  • frozen kielbasa (made the pizza)
  • green pepper
  • golden beat
  • mozzarella cheese
  • crust from Sprout’s

It was actually SERIOUSLY awesome.

I also managed to squeeze in a few runs this weekend:

  • 3 miles AFTER skiing Saturday
  • 3 SPEEDY miles before skiing Sunday
  • 1 easy mile after skiing Sunday

So let me tell ya, I was WIPED last night.  Thankfully Zach picked up all the slack and let me relax…made dinner, walked the pup, folded my laundry.  He treated me well 🙂

I managed to get to bed before 930 last night and sleep, off and on, past 7 AM.  While my body is still very sore, I feel rested and excited for the holiday.   My crazy husband is currently on his way BACK UP TO WINTER PARK for a 3rd day of skiing…and I’m hoping to get a quick run in tonight after work.

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend and are having a great holiday!

Question of the Morning:  I feel disconnected, fill me in on your weekend please!