I Have No Words But I Did Have a Great Work Out

First and Foremost:



Juan Pablo:  I do not like you.  While I 100% respect that you do not propose when you are not absolutely certain (totally respect actually) you were NOT nice the last few weeks of the show.  And especially not last night on the final (I blame most of the After the Rose on Chris Harrison).   Part of relationships include conflict, and you my friend, are not suited for conflict.

End of Rant.

Well. . . before my evening was made frustrating by our dear friend JP, I enjoyed an AMAZING 60 minute 2/3 yoga class.  It was a brutal tough class that focused on twists which is exactly what my body needs after a somewhat indulgent weekend, am I right?

I came home to a hubby taking care of business in the kitchen



Entree salads with grilled chicken and California bread from Sprouts.



Just for context:  my salad vs. Zachs.



Ahhh to be a boy.

I finished off the evening with a Cheryl’s iced brownie that got nibbled up before I took a picture, but you guys know what a brownie looks like, yes?

This Morning

That delicious dinner must have fueled me well because even though I didn’t get to sleep until after Midnight, I felt GREAT during my workout this morning.

Workout of the Day:  3.65 miles on the treadmill doing this workout that I mentioned yesterday 

photo 2-1


I did switch up a few things (My treadmill only goes up to 12 for incline. . . so that was my peak. And my warm up was actually 1 minute @ 4.5, 3.5 minutes @ 4 and 2 minutes @ 6.0 because 4.5 was just too weird of a speed for my short legs) but overall LOVED this workout.  It flew by and I finished sweaty like I haven’t been in quite some time, while feeling like I wanted to do the whole thing again!

I did wrap up the work out with 35 bicep curls with 12 lb weights and 25 incline sit ups.  Just because, yo.

And that, my friends, is my story  :).  Cheers to being over the Monday/Daylight savings hump. . . hope you are all feeling rested and overall better than yesterday!

Question of the Morning: I used our DSLR again for pictures of our food last night. . . I want to focus more on photography now that the light is getting better.  Any camera/shooting recommendations from anyone?

28 thoughts on “I Have No Words But I Did Have a Great Work Out

  1. daylight savings always jolts my system for a few days. it was PITCH BLACK when i had to walk to the bus stop this morning – not loving that. i do like the longer nights and eventually it will all balance out – but i’m generally a wreck after daylight savings in spring.

  2. LOL everybody was hatin’ on Juan Pablo on the radio this morning. I don’t watch the show, but I figured he must have done something pretty douchey 😉 I wish I had camera tips for you, but Kyle and my dad are still teaching me…

  3. I felt like JP was SO defensive last night though! And sorry but his response after not choosing Clare was just jerky. Glad you had a good run, I’m about to go on one right now!

  4. I don’t watch the show but I got the feeling from all the previews he is kind of a jerk! I love love love the food comparisons! It took me awhile to convince Phil we shouldn’t be eating the same amount of food (which is why I put on 25 lbs and he lost 10)!

    There is a similar amazing treadmill workout on PopSugar Fitness: http://www.fitsugar.com/ …GOD I miss running! The weather is in the 60s here today though so I will DEFINITELY be out on a long ride after work!

    As for the camera thing…short of taking classes, google and chat forums will be your best way to pick things up! I minored in photography in college and am still just using my phone for all my blog’s media content, haha!

  5. I think we all want to respect JP saying he wants to be sure before he proposes, because he is dating all these other women at the same time. but months later, he is no clearer on having any real feelings towards her. The show is a mess but we all love to hate it, so we’ll prob come back for another season.
    I am using my iPad mini and phone for blog pics. Hope to get a camera someday soon.

  6. 1. completely understand JP’s intention in wanting to be Hundo P certain before committing to someone with a proposal, and kudos for wanting to take it that seriously and not be flippant about marrying someone you meet on a reality show.
    2. however, his entire personality was extremely flippant and disrespectful in that he just could brush anyone off after a single incident and cut them out of his life. zero emotional affect = not a great quality in a guy. super annoying to watch Nikki all cuddled up to him like he’s the best thing in her life. she needs to reevaluate.
    3. i really need to stop watching this show and devoting time to ranting about people on reality TV. 🙂

  7. that explains why your photos were looking so good today. Don’t get me wrong your food pics always make me drool but these ones were particularly good looking! Nice job on that run!!!

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