#100DayChallenge Day 5

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#100DayChallenge Day 5: Speed work this AM with warm up and cool down

10 minute warm up: 3 minute walking + 7 minute easy pace

20 minutes: 1 minute interval @ 8+ MPH, 1 minute interval @ 6.1 MPH

10 minute cool down: 6 minute running easy pace with 3+ minute walking

Anybody else ever done a challenge like this?

Spring Friday Round Up

Another week in the books — and another good one at that!


Time for a round up of the week ūüôā

Work Outs

  • Monday: 30 minute spinning AM + PM yoga class


  • Tuesday: Interval workout + abs and a lunch work out

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  • Wednesday 5 mile easy pace


  • Thursday Rest Day: Long walk with the Pup
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  • Friday: 4.25 miles speed work


And as for this weekend, I’m hoping to get two good days of skiing in. ¬† I’ve mentioned that I was feeling a little frumpy late this week, so I’m glad that I was able to get some good sweat sessions in to counter balance that. ¬†Life is ALL about balance, right?

That’s a total of:

  • 3 runs
  • 1 spin session
  • 1 lunch strength work out
  • 1 yoga class
  • 1 long walk with the pup


You know I had some good grub this week . . . between the meals I had on my own and the meals with the hubby.  Lots of good eats.

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And we know my favorite treat of the week:

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Ahhhh the cookie batter cookies.  YUM!  Make them now!

March Madness

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Time for the Friday Happy Dance everyone!

Zach and I are spending the weekend in the mountains enjoying some Spring skiing, so let’s just say I’m looking forward to 5 PM :). ¬†I switched up my routine a bit this morning and hopped the lightrail.


As always, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the ride was.  The only bummer about my lightrail days are having to leave my apartment about 20-30 minutes earlier than normal. . . but there really is something relaxing about just sitting back and enjoying the ride.


Let’s backtrack to before this morning though,¬†shall we?

Last Night

First and foremost: ¬†Did anyone watch the SLU game last night? ¬†I’m not a huge March Madness lady, but when my alma mater comes back from a double digit deficit to win in overtime, I’m invested!


We enjoyed an AWESOME meal to go along with the awesome game.


Glazed salmon with a tomato and moz salad.  That combo never dissapoints.

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday (blame it on the rest day), so I ended the evening with a nice little walk with Gusman to help end the day on a good note.  I think this REALLY helped because I woke up this morning feeling a million times better and ready to tackle a good work out.

Workout of the Day:


I did 10 minutes warm up (including 3 minute walking to start) 20 minutes of speed work, and 10 minutes of cool down (including 3+ minutes of walking). ¬†I’ve started trying to begin my morning runs with a few minutes of walking to wake up the legs, and they seem to be responding well to it.


And now, it’s time to put in a good days work then head up to the slopes! ¬†I’ll be back later today with a round up of the week!

Question of the Morning: ¬†Are you into March Madness? ¬†Who’s your favorite?

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