Things I’ve Been Loving Tuesday

It counts right?  I love things everyday, so I’m just going to roll with it.

White Buffalo Kitchen

photo 1-32


To say I am obsessed with this company is probably an understatement.  I found them recently in a local shop and have loved every single product I have tried.  I recently reached out to the company and was sent a fun package to sample…and guess what.  They’re going to do a giveaway for the blog as well!  Stay tuned!

Running Outdoors

Sure, it’s nasty outside right now — but last week I was able to bask in some sunshine and enjoy a couple amazing outdoor runs that reaffirmed my love for the sport.  I guess you could say I’ve been struggling with running lately, albeit enjoying other activities, but I am THRILLED to reignite my love and hope it sticks 🙂



Nike Training Club App

photo 3-2


You all know I’m in love — you hear about it way more often than I’m sure you’d like.  This app has quickly become my go-to lunch companion at work (hello stretching and yoga for the work win), weekend strength routines, and fun switch up to my normal routine.  If you have an iPhone and don’t have this app, change that now.




Yes, I know we’re being teased and that cold weather is still to come (like right now) — but just knowing that the Daylight Savings Time has come and gone, and that longer, warm days WILL be around (even if they’re in between cold days) makes me a happy girl.


Yes, that’s right.  Pinterest.



Follow me on pinterest!

I have found a new love for Pinterest the last few weeks and am really finding that I utilize it so much more than I have in the past.  Whether it’s for food porn, motivation to work out (like this mornings run), or recipes, it’s full of hours of distraction!

Just a few things I’m loving lately folks 🙂

What Are YOU loving lately? 

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17 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Loving Tuesday

  1. I’ve been a running fiend lately-planning on this being my 4th week in a row over 20 miles, and the 3rd week in a row at 30! It’s a great feeling and I hope I can keep it up. Kind of waiting for the shoe to drop here, honestly.

  2. I love pinterest, whenever I’m bored I just look up baked good recipes and kettlebell workouts. also spring!!! I wore just 1 layer of pants to school today for the first time in a long time.

  3. I love Pinterest too. I make a tone of new recipes and love all the workouts you can find! I’m a little addicted. I’m loving my treadmill lately…we’ve just connected and there’s no turning back!
    Happy Tuesday girl!

  4. Now I want chocolate.
    I loved running outside this week as well- it was so wonderful, and honestly challenging, to get back outdoors. Tonight it was back on the dreadmill!

    I was also loving getting my final observation of the year done for work- and it going well 🙂 cheers to that!

    I also love the nike fuel app! Lets be friends on it 🙂

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