The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly

Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone ūüôā ¬†While we got a TON of snow yesterday, it’s beautiful here in Denver this morning and the snow has all but melted already. ¬† I love high altitude livin’. ¬†People are out and about this morning, brunch spots are full. . . Spring is coming :).

Now that we have that behind us, let’s get to the nitty gritty. ¬†Let’s start with:

The Good


My colleague forgot his breakfast yesterday morning. ¬†You see, he’s one of those people that literally eats the same thing ((oatmeal)) ¬†So to forget your breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is kind of a bummer. ¬†Well, I just so happened to have brought oatmeal that my oh-so-kind hubby made me, so I offered it to my colleague, figuring I’d scrounge for something around the office.

What I found:

photo 1-38


Maybe not the healthiest breakfast ever, but MY GOD was it delicious.  And it kept me surprisingly full through most of the day.  @Whole Foods, send me some more, please?

The Bad

Zach and I had a pretty packed weekend on the books.  Yesterday, our plan was to have Zach swoop me up from work and head into the mountains for an overnight and early morning ski session Saturday.

photo 3-30


We hit the road a little before 5 and were surprised by just how much snow there was on the ground as we got further West.

photo 2-41


Traffic was moving slow but at least it was moving . . . so we kept on trucking.

photo 4-21


I actually posted the above picture of Gusman and I on¬†my Instagram¬†(follow me!) and¬†facebook¬†(like me!) passing the time on the slow freeway. ¬†Well, right as I posted it one of Zach’s cousins commented that Berthoud Pass, the road we were getting on to head to Winter Park, had been struck by an avalanche just a few hours earlier.

Our hearts dropped as we pulled up the news report.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but by this point we were already in Empire (at the pass), so we decided to try and wait it out.

We were patient for awhile, but finally decided to call our hotel and see if they knew anything about the pass or when it was expected to open.  Unfortunately, it was then that we got the news that the pass was likely to stay closed overnight.

The Ugly

So, after an hour plus of waiting, and over an hour of driving, we turned around and headed back home to Denver.  Right around 8 PM, we made it back home and tried to shake off the drive with a very quiet evening.

photo 1-39photo 5-18


We had our planned meal of cheese, crackers and veggies, and watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith until we fell asleep. ¬†Not exactly what we had in mind — but sometimes plans change, right?

This Morning

Being the crazy man that he is, Zach headed back up to the mountain this morning.  I choose to take the previous night as a message and sleep in.

By 830 I finally pulled myself out of bed and tried a new to me work out on NTC app.

photo 3-2


This work out was 45 minutes and full of dynamic moves mixed with CHALLENGING cardio bursts that had me sweating and my heart pumping.   I followed up the work out with a nice long hilly walk with the Gusman (he was cooped up in the car yesterday, too)

photo 5


And am now ready for some breakfast! ¬†I think fresh fruit and a pastry with french press coffee is on the menu this morning :). ¬†If I can’t be in the mountains with my husband, at least I can pretend like I’m back in Europe, right?

Quesiton of the Morning:  When was the last time your plans got changed out of your control?