To The Best 5 Years

5 years ago today I went on a ski trip to Utah.



And just so happened to meet this boy.

For 1.5 years we did the long distance thing while I finished my Graduate degree at Saint Louis University and Zach did his professional thing in Chicago.



Those 1.5 years were full of their ups and down.  Lots of road trips and cherished weekends that always ended too quickly.

In 2011 we made the leap together and I moved to Chicago to be closer to this boy.



This was the scariest and most exciting decision I’d ever made in my life — and what an amazing decision it was.



I was finally able to enjoy a random Wednesday night dinner with my boyfriend, and enjoy the normal routine that we never had living apart.



After a year living in different apartments we took another leap and moved in together.  I still remember the moment (also on a ski trip, go figure) that Zach asked me to move in together. . .



Never one to follow the norm, less than a week later we added to our little family and got our boy. Gus.

DSC_0246 DSC_0285


The perfect addition to our happy little family.



That first year we lived together just felt natural.  I loved living with my best friend and knew that what we had was something special.



And then on May 19, 2012 . . . that became official.



Zach proposed to me after a long training and bike ride through Chicago, on the beautiful Northerly Island.



I still get chills. . .

Just months later we made another leap and moved our happy little family across the country to the beautiful Colorado.



Where we got down to business loving life and began planning our BEYOND perfect wedding on September 7, 2013.



While it’s only been 5 years that we’ve been together. . . it feels like the life I was meant to have really began back in March of 2009 the day we met.



So here is to 5 years . . . the best 5 years.  And to 5-0 more!


Love you, Babe 🙂 ❤

WIAW one sixty three

Good morning and Happy Wednesday!  I don’t think Wednesday’s get enough credit, personally.  We all know the “hump day” nickname, but really, it is the beginning of the downhill.  Especially for me.

Wednesday marks the beginning of the downhill slope, a later night if desired because Thursday is my late start day, and then it’s Friday.   Yup.  I’d say I appreciate Wednesday :).

BUT — if you need another reason to love hump day, it’s also WIAW day!



Hosted by the one and only Jenn at Peas and Crayons.  As always, thanks so much for hosting Jenn!  So let’s get started!

Unfortunately, my breakfasts have not been very veggie filled as of late (I need to work on that) . . . but if we go back to when my parents were here a few weeks ago. . .



A quiche filled with veggies and a side of greens. . . delish!

photo 1-37


If we go back to my meal last night . . . Hello greens!

photo 2-39


A simple arugula salad with mushrooms, broccoli and peppercinnis.

photo 4-19


photo 3-28


Served with tuna and an amazing Whole Foods pretzel roll.

It was a great meal!

And just for fun:  A few highlights of veggie filed meals as of late!

photo 1 (1)


Pizza that was filled with veggies and topped with greens!  We love our veggies!

photo 1-28


And a mexican bake filled with all kinds of veggies.  Sweet potatoes, corn, peppers, onions.  YUM

And that my friends is WIAW!  Head to Jenn’s page to see what everyone else is eating!