Ever Just Have One Of Those Days



Today happens to be one of those days for me.



Currently I am doing everything in my little power to turn it around.



But until then these cute little reminders are helping to build me back up just a bit.



Even though today started out as a tough day . . .



Doesn’t mean I need to let it stay a tough day.

Thankfully I’ve got an awesome husband who is pushing me out the door when we get home to get some miles under my feet on this BEAUTIFUL day Denver has given us.



So in just a couple of hours I’ll be getting my dose of endorphin’s hanging out with this great guy that I know.  That is how I am deciding to turn this day around . . .

I Heart You Guys

Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone.

Phew, more than normal I am missing this weekend.

photo 2-35


Sushi, yoga, movies.

photo 1-35


My boy came home!

photo 3-26


We hung out at one of our favorite neighborhood spots for good beer, good food and board games.

photo 4-18


Spent Sunday morning on the slopse

photo 1 (1)


And we ended the weekend like we do most weekends, with pizza night.  And boy it was a good one.

photo 3 (1)


Homemade Pizza


  • Sprouts ready to bake crust
  • bacon
  • mushrooms
  • onions
  • peppercinnis
  • topped with a simple arugula and vinegar salad

photo 2 (1)


The fresh greens on top added a crunch and a nice bitter punch that will absolutely be repeated in the near future :).

Well — the night didn’t actually end there.  The sweet and wonderful Cristina at Willing to Lose Weight, Racing to Win sent me a surprise!

photo 4 (1)

Click for her webpage!

Of course Zach and I opened them last night.  Oh Trader Joe’s. .. why are you so brilliant? Thanks to much Cristina, you’re the best!!  How did I become a part of such an awesome blogging community?  I heart you guys 🙂

This Morning

I took advantage of Zach being home and slept in until the glorious hour of 710.  It really was beautiful.  I’m assuming it’s because of the skiing, but boy we were exhausted last night.  Hello 945 bed time!  It felt GREAT to allow myself to sleep in and start the week off a little more rested.

Not to mention Zach agreed to go for a run with me this afternoon. . . and I don’t ever pass that opportunity up!  Here’s hoping the weather holds for us!

Question of the Morning: Highlight of your weekend! Give it to me!