A Weird Weekend. But I’m OK With That

I’m back ūüôā ¬†Apologies for the random radio silence yesterday. ¬†As I mentioned to yall – it was just a WIERD day around here. ¬† The trend has kind of snuck into this morning as well . . . but that is OK. ¬† It’s a beautiful day outside, and I’ve gotten to enjoy quite a bit of it, so I’m not complaining :). ¬†Let’s back track, shall we :).

Friday Night

After an awesome night at Stella’s on Thursday, Zach and I choose to take her easy Friday night. ¬†We both had had quite a crazy week, so it was exactly what the doctor ordered. ¬†We caught up on TV shows (Brooklyn Nine Nine and Park’s and Rec for the win) and watched a movie.

By about 730 our tummies started to grumbled which let us know it was time to start dinner.


Veggies for the win!


Dinner was a huge thing of stir fry


And some good lookin’ lamb shanks that Zach perfectly grilled up.


My colorful bowl with a bunch of romaine hiding underneath

After a week of semi-indulgent eating, a bowl of greens was exactly what this girl needed.

Saturday Morning

Neither Zach nor I set an alarm for Saturday morning, which is completely abnormal for us on a ski day. ¬†That meant we didn’t wake up until much closer to 8, and didn’t hit the road until about 830.



We made it to the mountain and were skiing before 1030, but unfortunately the conditions were tough. ¬†Especially for this non-vertigo loving girl. ¬†I toughed out the conditions for 5 runs (I have a ski-day rule that I never bail before 5 runs, even if it’s an ugly day) before calling it a day. ¬†Whomp whomp.

I hung out in the A-basin lounge and bar for about an hour and a half while Zach toughed out the conditions.  Apparently the rest of the mountain had the same idea because it took a good 30 minutes of climbing up and down stairs and walking in between rooms before I even found a seat.  By that point, I was flustered and a bit frustrated.

Finally, I found a “seat” in the little fake ski chair that they have at the front of their bar. ¬†I had no problem with it and figured I was fine not taking up an entire table on my own when it was that busy. ¬†I don’t get any service up at A basin so I just relaxed and enjoyed the SELF magazine I brought (love it).

It wasn’t until about 30 minutes later that I realized my phone was gone. ¬†Insert freak out.

Thankfully, within about 5 minutes the guys behind me realized I was I was panicking, let me know they had found it on the floor (the seat didn’t have a complete back so it must have fallen through while I was reading and not realized it) and turned it in to the waitress. ¬†Sure enough, she had it and criss averted. ¬†About this time I took over a table (no more freak outs for this girl) and waited for Zach.

I was a crabby little booger by the time he got in, but within a few minutes he had my mood turned around.


Welp, that and a glass of white wine.


Well that and freaking AWESOME spinach and artichoke dip.  Once I got a little grub in my stomach, I was a much happier girl and we left A-basin ready to turn the day around.

Yup — I was a relaxed girl enjoying the easy ride home until we reached Denver. ¬†About 5 minutes from home I started panicking again, realized that I had not grabbed my wallet. ¬† Yup — I guess I had really relaxed because I was cool enough to leave my wallet for the next happy customer.

Thankfully, I got on the phone with A-basin right away and sure enough our waitress had put my wallet in the safe.  This fun equaled another ski day for the hubby today (Sunday).  Not that he was complaining. . .

I needed to shake off the weird day, so when I got home I squeezed out for 20 minutes of sprint work.  This ended up turning into 5 minutes warm up, about 10 minutes of sprint work, and 10 minutes of just trying to keep my legs under me.  Oh well. . . it did the trick of getting my mind off the day and I felt a million times better after.

Workout For the Day:  Quick Ski day and Quick 2.5 miles

Zach and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, trying to ignore the weird things that continued to happen (I’ll spare the details or this post will get far too long).

Quesadillas were decided for dinner, as it was basically the only thing we had the necessary ingredients to make at home.

photo 2-45

Well, almost had the ingredients.  Zach thought we had more tortillas than we did, so he ended up having a half quesadilla with side veggies and a tuna steak.

photo 1-43

Weird meal for a weird day, but it worked for the boy.  Thankfully he is flexible.

We played it safe and watched more movies until we were ready for bed.


While Zach headed back up to the mountain to ski and retrieve my purse, I set out for a 5 miler around town.

photo 3-34

I set out a little earlier than I probably would have intended because I had plans. ¬†Which really just meant layer up for the cold. ¬†Let’s just say I wasn’t 100% about this run

photo 4-23

Thankfully it was a beautiful and sunny morning despite the cold air

photo 5-19

I managed to hit the 5 mile mark but not without some struggle

photo 3-35

I ended and was beyond thankful to be finished and was excited for brunch plans with a good friend ūüôā

photo 4-2


I headed up to what is quickly becoming a favorite spot, Lola’s!

photo 1-45

I switched up my order completely since I’ve been so often lately and ended up going with pigs in a blanket (that’s right) and a side of fruit.

Hello AWESOME choice, Me.  I would definitely get these again.  The sausage tasted quite gamey, but worked really well with the spicy and sweet dipping sauce.  YUM!  I finished all four of the pigs and about half the fruit.

I finished up brunch with a nice walk with the Gusman to get groceries for the next couple of days for me.

I’ll leave you with some fun pictures that I caught on my way to brunch today.

photo 2-47

There was a race that ran the same course I had run earlier in the morning.

photo 5-20

I even got to see the leaders come through!

Question of the Morning:  How was your weekend?  Ever have a weird weekend or day like this?