Zach Comes Home Today! And Sushi

Good morning everyone — it’s been a productive one on my side.  I hope your weekend has gotten off to a great start.  At this point, I’m just excited the hubby is on his final plane and almost home!

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I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to Zach traveling, but for multiple reasons this trip was tough and I’m just thankful it’s over!

Friday Night

My evening and weekend couldn’t have started out much better.  My boss let me leave about 15 minutes early so I could make it back to Kindness Yoga for a Friday night yoga class.

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I found a parking spot right away, which was a sign that this was going to be a good weekend :).  The class was 75 minutes and focused on hip openers.

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Not getting any complaints from this girl.  Since Wednesday I had been craving sushi so I treated myself to a Strawberry Shortcake roll from a sushi spot near me.

photo 4-16 photo 3-25


It hit the spot perfectly.  Between the yoga and the sushi, I was in balance heaven 🙂

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I watched Jobs with Aston Kutcher last night — which follows the life of Steve Jobs from Apple.  I figured I would like it, and I wasn’t wrong.  The movie did a great job of depicting what I imagine were some of Steve’s highs and lows instead of just focusing on the highlights.  I liked the sincerity and honesty and left with a different understanding (if that’s the right word…) for the man.  Not necessarily positive (they do focus a bit on his relationship with the child he didn’t claim), but that’s OK.

This Morning

The pets were AWESOME and gave me a treat of letting me sleep in until 8 AM this morning.  It was glorious, unfortunately the weather was NOT glorious.  Freezing cold and snow.  Whomp whomp.  Outside run = cancelled.

Unfortunately, this was a problem for many other people I guess…as the treadmills were full and people were not in a rush to get off.  I tried to stay patient and positive and did the SLOPE READY workout on the NTC app to pass the time.  Just a few minutes after I finished, one of the girls jumped off and I was able to tackle the longest run I’ve done since Europe.

photo 1-33

Workout of the Day:  5 miles in 44:48 + 15 minute strength routine on NTC

I was getting majorly bored on this run (I think because I had my mind set on the outdoors) but I managed to get through it either way.

Afterwords, I ran and picked up breakfast (I’ll share with you all later) and am planning on just watching the clock until I can go pick up the boy!  YAY!

Question of the Morning: What do you do when treadmills are full?  Wait?  Stare until someone gets off?  Kick and scream/pout until someone gets off? Move to a different work out?

All of the above