Doing Some Exciting Things

So a few have you have noticed some changes that I’ve been making around the ol’ chocolate medals.

I have loved my little internet home here since the day I started it, and am always trying to improve what I’m doing here.  That includes the quality of what I’m sharing with you all first and foremost.  I am always open to hearing input from you all about what you like/don’t like, so please continue to reach out! { }

With that said — I’ve also been making sun visual and just FUN overall changes to my social media obsession!

New Banner


First off:  The new banner.  I recently fell in love with PicMonkey. . . if you are a blogger and haven’t ventured over to, you need to.  It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE BLOG.


5 4

You may have noticed the quality and coloration of my food pictures have changed.


That is all PicMonkey and their awesome features.  Seriously check ’em out.


This is probably the change I am most excited about.  I’ve been on pinterest (follow me) for quite some time now, but really never understood it or took full advantage of it.

photo 2 (3)

It was actually during my amazing honeymoon that I began to find real inspiration and DRAW towards pinterest.

Right after the trip, I started posting much more regularly.  Creating new pages for recipe inspirations, work out ideas, weekly inspirational quotes and even just posts that made me laugh.

I found myself truly inspired every time I clicked on these different links, and anxious to share them with all of you.  Unfortunately, my pinterest has actually been the page with the least love.

But I’m here to change that.  I actually recently created a board where I am sharing my more popular posts regularly.  Recipes, workouts, inspirational posts, any of them.  I’m passionate about this stuff and just LOVE sharing it with you all!

PicMonkey Collage1

Click to link to my Chocolate Medals Pinterest Board

To be straight forward and honest with you all — I am excited and passionate about social media and my own little personal footprint here with Chocolate Medals.   I love the conversations we all have through my comments here, through all of the other social medias like Instagramtwitter , facebook & pinterest.

What I’d love from you all right now is to connect with each other, through all social medias, but especially pinterestbecause I am truly finding my most recent passion via that network.  So follow me, or request me to follow you!  I’d LOVE to build up the page’s followers to 100 — seems like a good round number.  And if that happens I am planning a baking giveaway — so can we make that happen friends? 

Let me know, either here in the comments, email or just a message that we are linked via Pinterest! And if you don’t have a pinterest, I highly recommend you join, NOW! 🙂

I Switched Things Up A Bit

So the theme of this post is flexibility:  Switching things up.  That just so happens to also have been the theme of my past 24 hours or so.


photo 1

Last night Zach and I had plans to meet two old family friends for a nice “stylish” dinner on the town {isn’t my hubby cute . . . even though he looks a bit like I’m annoying him}

The foursome decided on Acorn, {click on the next picture for their website}, an American “small plate” style restaurant in a very cool up-and-coming area of Denver called The Source.

photo 2

I wish I had taken more pictures of our meal because all 5 of the courses were amazing.

photo 3

Here’s what I remember:

  • Kale apple salad
  • Fried pickles
  • Meatballs
  • Lamb schwarma
  • A half baked chicken with brussel sprouts salad and bread pudding

Let’s just say I left a little overly full. . . I even felt like I stopped myself at a reasonable place but the food was just THAT good.  We ended up having food left on the table, which is rare.  So I think it’s safe to say we all ate PLENTY 🙂

Acorn isn’t cheap, but the atmosphere is very unique, the service is great, and the food is even better.

Evening Walk

We got home a little later than anticipated and Gusman needed his walk ASAP.  So, instead of walking POST dessert, I decided to get him out for our 20 minute walk right away.

Now what I should have done, since I was still comfortably full, was just call it a day.  But nope, I still had dessert.

photo 3

Same exact dessert from yesterday.  So I switched up my routine a bit and walked AFTER dinner, before dessert.  Whomp whomp.  Not my best switch up considering I woke up still quite full.  Not a fan when that happens. . .

AM Switch Up

Not only did I wake up full this morning, I woke up still incredibly sore from my tabata working followed closely by a run.  I ran through multiple options in my head — and ultimately ended up coming up with what I thought was best for me.

Switch up my “plan” and take today as more of a “rest day” instead of tomorrow.  So, this morning instead of a strength work out, I listened to my sore body and did 30 minutes of good yoga thanks to my NTC app.

Workout of the Morning

photo 5 photo 4

I can tell you, after yoga I was already in a better place physically and mentally.  This, my friends, was as GOOD switch up.  Right now, my body feels much better and I’m currently enjoying some water and coffee to hopefully help spark my metabolism and get me hungry for breakfast sooner rather than later.

I am currently debating between another 45 minute yoga routine at lunch or going on a nice walk to enjoy a nice afternoon.  Maybe I’ll leave that to you guys?

Question of the Morning:  Afternoon yoga or afternoon walk in the sunshine for my work lunch break?