The Hubby’s Almost Home, Again!

Good Afternoon everyone 🙂  How’s hump day going for you?  Does it help that we’re over the “hump” of the work day?

Just a few more hours and my crazy husband is back in town and the evenings spent with trashy TV, wine and good food are over ;).  I know I didn’t mention to specifically that Zach had been traveling, but he was in Charlotte, NC for the beginning of the week.


Multiple people had expressed a bit of concern about me talking so openly here on the blog about being “home alone” with the hubby is away o n business, so I tried to keep it a little more hush hush this trip. For safety reasons, of course :).

We have a pretty laid back evening of sandwiches and catching up planned.  My kinda night.

Last Night

I was still left to my own single girl devises yesterday, which meant easy but DELICIOUS goodies and girly TV (Last night was Guilianna and Bill. I sweat I want to be their BFF).


I had a Taste of the Mediterranean meal from a local grocer that I’d had a few times before.


 Just as good as I remembered 🙂


And last night I enjoyed my single girl meal with a nice glass of red…because I can.


Zach has been loving Carmenere’s lately and this was a cheap but good one!  I also capped off the evening with another AMAZING Cookie Butter Cookie


Except last night I substituted half of the cookie butter for plain ol’ peanut butter.  Believe it or not, I liked it even more.  I also made it a little thicker than the previous night, which added a lot to the texture.  Just keeps gettin’ better 🙂

All this must have been good fuel for me because I was able to get up and get an easy, but great run in this AM.

Workout of the Day


5 miles in 49 minutes, with a 3 minute warm up included (easy pace).

Tomorrow is my rest day and the legs were feeling very solid, so I decided to just keep moving.  It’s been a little while since I’ve done a work-day-morning run over 4, but it worked out well this morning.

I’m really trying to be sure I remember to include these “easy” runs in the schedule, even though I’m not running back-to-back days anymore.  Still important for those ol’ muscles!

Back to work folks 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: What culture has your favorite cuisine?

For me:  it’s whatever I’m having that moment.  True story.

WIAW – Pretty Food Edition

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday/What I Ate Wednesday 🙂


As always, hosted by the beautiful Jenn at Peas and Crayons .  I’m going to be honest with you guys — I’ve had some darn good eats this week if I do say so myself.  Let’s start with some breakfast/brunch goodies.


photo 1-45

Pigs in a Blanket with a side of fruit from LOLA’S in Denver.  A weird order from this girl, but I was NOT complaining.



After a long ski morning Zach recommended a snack.  While I initially protested, when this beauty of a plate of Spinach Artichoke dip arrived, I was made one.happy.lady. YUM.



Our “throw everything in the fridge” quesadillas that included marinated tuna, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. YUM.


Lots of veggies for a stir fry


With lamb shank of course


And last night’s St Patties Day sushi


With a side of Guinness 🙂

Sweet Highlight

PicMonkey Collage

And my sweet highlight of the week.  Oatmeal Cookie Butter Cookie!

Like I said, it’s been a good week of eats for this lady! 🙂 

Question of the Morning: What was your eat highlight this week?

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