Upps, A Quiet Evening, and 4 miles

Good Morning and Happy Saturday 🙂

Is anyone else wondering where their Friday went?  It seems to have just disappeared for me?  But then again, that could be because of a major “upps” I had last night . . .


I reached my storage limit for pictures, so I’m going to have to expand that, excuse my old pictures for the time being 🙂


So, at 4 PM my intern at work came to me to check out for the day.  She seemed distracted and after a few minutes, started to freak out because she couldn’t find her car keys.

Sure enough, they were sitting on her car seat.  They must have fallen out as she was getting out of her car for lunch.  I felt awful for her, and hung out with her while she figured out how she was going to get her spare.

This is where the story gets good…about 10 minutes before IM ready to leave, I go to get my own keys, and could not find them.  15 minutes of panic later, I realized I had likely done THE SAME EXACT THING (or the keys were stolen, a whole nother issue).

So, my poor but amazing husband had to borrow a car at 515 and come up to bring the spare key for me.  Thankfully the keys had just fallen as I was getting out, but seriously…Upps.  Fun way to start our Friday 🙂

So . . . by the time Zach and I got home, it was well after 6PM and we were ready to relax.  We dominated some crackers, stew he had made in the crockpot, and beer/wine until we were ready for sleep (way too early…).

Picture 001DSCN1363DSC_0409 DSC_0408

(I’ll be back later with current pictures, once again, the storage issue…but these are pretty accurate 😉

I guess that’s one way to make your Friday dissapear!

This Morning

Dispite going to bed way earlier than I should on a Friday night, I woke up around 8 AM still not feeling like getting out of bed.  I blame the cold and nasty weather outside.  Completely unmotivating.

But thankfully, I have a husband who bounds out of bed ready to get going. . .  and he had some big plans for the day, so I knew I needed to get moving myself.

Workout of the Morning:  4 mile progressive run

  • 5 minutes easy (6.3)
  • Increase speed by 1 every minute until 2 miles (about 18 minutes)
  • Easy speed for 2 minutes (6.2)
  • Increase speed by 1 every minute for 10 minutes
  • Ease into the finish of 4 miles

Nothing too spectacular, but it kept me busy at least.

And now, I need to finish gettin’ ready and then we’re heading out.  Hopefully I have the storage issue fixed by the time I check in with you all later 🙂

Question of the Morning: Have you ever locked your keys in the car?


16 thoughts on “Upps, A Quiet Evening, and 4 miles

  1. When I was writing my dissertation I would lock my keys in my car once a week and have to call the husband. Or worse, leave my keys in the car, not lock it, freak out, and call the husband. It is just the worst feeling in the world. You morning workout looks like a great treadmill workout.

  2. I have a wonderful car that senses when the keys are in the car and doesn’t allow you to lock the door with them in the car. Its great! Locking myself out of the house is another issue… 😉

    You’ve been doing lots of 4 milers lately, are you getting stuck in the 4 mile rut? I was there a few months ago since its such a comfortable distance, then I had to force myself to change it up more often.

    • 4 miles is definitely my distance when I’m doing a streak — not hard enough to burn my legs out but long enough to still feel like I got a work out. When this “streaking” is done, you are so right I am done with 4 miles. It’s amazing how much a distance can get familiar.

  3. Back in college, pre-cell phone days, I locked my keys in the car 3 times in as many weeks. The worst was when I stopped at a gas station while on a road trip. Talk about freaking out!…But at least you got a good run in this a.m. to help put the previous night behind you!

  4. I have never locked my keys in my car but I have an embarrassing story for you: In college I was taking a nap in my car in between classes. I locked the car but left the sunroof open. I woke up a little before class and tried to unlock the car with the key and nothing happened. I didn’t want to just pull the door lock because what if the alarm went off and I couldn’t get it to stop?! So I asked Kyle if he could get my spare key. I tried using it and nothing happened. I had to call my friend to deliver my paper to class because if it wasn’t turned in at the beginning, you get a 0. Eventually I called AAA and I made sure to tell them that I was fine because the window was open. They sent 3, yes 3 tow trucks because it was considered an emergency if someone is locked in their car. They jump started the car and got me out- I found out that I could have just pulled the door lock. I got to class late and my professor laughed at me and said they were considering taking a field trip to visit me in my car.

  5. My car has keyless entry so it makes me super lazy and I NEVER get my key fob out of my purse. This means I forget which bag has the fob in it until I’m trying to open the door A LOT. Haha I guess that’s a lazy girl problem

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