My First Giveaway Winner!

YAY!  Time to announce my first Giveaway winner!


I fell in love with Mile Markers and knew when I finished it that I wanted to share the love!

Well, without further adu, using Random Number Generator, The winner is:

So exciting (first giveaway)!! I have heard wonderful things about this book both from you and other runner-bloggers I follow. I would love this book because I have huge reading + running goals for 2014 to recommit and replenish my life with two of the things I love most in this world but too often cut out due to other “priorities.”

Congrats Caitlin! 🙂  Email me @ with where you want me to send it!!!

I see many more giveaways in my future 🙂  What are some other fun healthy living/running giveaways you all have seen or would like to see?

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