Sometimes a Bloody Mary is Good

I did something I don’t normally do this morning at a DELICIOUS brunch with the boy



Egg white omelet with mushrooms, goat cheese and spinach.  With a side of toast and fruit.  DELISH by the way.

But back to the point. . .





I ordered a Bloody Mary.  It’s something that I don’t normally choose to do (drink at brunch)…but for whatever reason a bloody mary sounded good (read: relaxing), and a nice addition to a nice Saturday with the husband.

And you know what, it was.

Quick Question for everyone

As it has been pointed out to me by my BFF, Chocolate Medals fan, and running inspiration, it appears as though I am in a 4 mile rut.

Personally, I enjoy the distance because it’s enough to feel like I’m getting enough of a work out in, but doesn’t cash my legs and allows me to keep up with my “streak” mentality right now.  I do try and integrate second runs periodically — but I want everyone’s opinions?

Stick with 4 miles?  Or do SOME shorter runs, and some longer runs?

Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I am going to get back to my movie.

Something Borrowed :).


28 thoughts on “Sometimes a Bloody Mary is Good

  1. I end up doing a lot of 4 milers too when I’m just winging it – but it doesn’t bother me! I consider it a kind of “sweet spot” as well. Things work themselves out well enough once I start a trusted race training plan, which will spring up on me soon enough!

  2. I say if it’s working, go with it! Especially if you’re not in training for anything, I think you should go with the distance you’re comfortable with and motivated to do! as long as YOU enjoy it, that’s what counts!

  3. I like to the 4 mile distance, too. I try to vary it with a long run on the weekend and a speed workout mixed in the week. I like a little variety to keep things interesting!

  4. I’m finding that I don’t normally get comfortable until about 4 miles so most times I shoot to do 5 miles or more especially when I am just winging it. I think 4 miles is good though, not sure I would ever call it a rut. Try doing some different cross training (bike riding, core work, hill work) it might help you change things up too.

  5. if you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re not training for any particular sort of race than i say keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  6. First off, LOVE “Something Borrowed.” I’m a Kate Hudson fan. 🙂 And as for the 4 miles, I think that’s completely fine. Four miles is a good distance like you’re saying, I would just maybe pick 1 day a week and do a different distance.

  7. I love the movie something borrowed, if you enjoying you should read all of her books! She is one of my favorite authors! I would mix up the runs a bit more, I would add maybe a longer run (i.e 6) and then some shorter ones, but the shorter ones dedicated more to speed.

  8. You gotta do whatever works for you, but to me, 4 miles is just awkward…I prefer either 3 miles, which I call “5K practice”, or 5 miles because I like multiples of 5, they feel like nice “round” numbers. To each his/her own – I won’t question your logic, you don’t question mine, right?

  9. Do you feel like you’re in a rut? To me a rut is something one gets stuck in and can’t seem to find their way out. I agree with the others, do what you feel is right for you. It’s your run!

  10. If you’re comfortable with 4 , I’m cool with it! But I know how hard you’ve worked for those longer distances… Sometimes we just need to make sure we’re still challenging ourselves (mentally and physically) . But you know I’ll support you no matter what 😉
    My “plan” for the week is 5 Monday, 4 Wednesday and 6 Thursday, if you want any running dates.

  11. Four miles is definitely my sweet spot too, it’s just such a good, easy number. It seems a little longer but doesn’t take too much to commit to it. Also, I’m always a drinks at brunch girl, I condone your blood mary choice 🙂

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