Friday Round Up – Happy Healthy Girl

So Thanks to the Weird-for-me week, I didn’t do a workout “plan” Monday.  Actually, if you asked me Monday, I thought I was going to be taking a break from running. . .


kick up my feet and take a break.

But, after 24 hours of good rest and mental re-booting, I felt better and more inspired than I have been in a long time.

This week I’ve made a very concerted effort to eat Whole, natural, and GOOD FOR ME foods through out the entire day, not just when it’s convenient.

I’ve eaten a lot of oatmeal, fresh and dried fruit, peanut butter and tortillas, and other fun foods to get me through my work day.  As well as yummy salads, delicious pizza, sushi, and homemade tacos to get me through dinner.

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My energy and state-of-mind has been better than ever, and I have been feeling GREAT.   Through out the entire week I’ve only had a half of a protein bar. . . and considering I was eating them daily, sometimes TWICE daily, through out the week, this is  pretty great progress.

To go along with my good eats and good energy, my workouts have been pretty spectacular as well 🙂

  • Monday: REST and reboot
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: AM 4 mile run, PM 3 mile run + Abs
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run + full body workout
  • Friday: 4 mile run

This weekend we have possible ski plans . . . with hopes of multiple (indoor) runs interspersed.   I couldn’t be happier with how my body has rebounded this week, and my hope is that there is no lookin’ back.  My body has been responding WELL to making the little bit of extra effort to have whole, real food. . . and I’ve been able to push a wee bit harder in response.  All good news for this girl :).

Cheers to healthy eating, exercise, and balance.

Question of the Afternoon:  How has your motivation level been since Thanksgiving?  You kickin’ tale or struggling to get out there?

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22 thoughts on “Friday Round Up – Happy Healthy Girl

  1. Sounds like a great week fitness wise for sure! You always have the best looking food on your blog.

    So far I’ve been doing well post-Thanksgiving. I’m doing the Runner’s World streak so that has definitely kept me motivated!

  2. sounds like a great week! i’ve also been trying to focus on nutrition since the holiday. i’ve been focused so far but starting to feel the pull of christmas: parties, old friends in town, family gatherings… all around rich food and hard drinks. hoping that mindfulness this week will help me exercise moderation when called for!

  3. To be honest I’ve been struggling the last week. I was starting to get back into my groove but then my trainer threw her back out which threw me off my routine. Not making excuses though! It’s up to me to keep myself going, not her! That said this morning I sat down and worked out my plan for the rest of the month. I find when I have a plan I tend to stick to it. That’s why I like to do monthly challenges. But then this month I thought about kicking the challenge, and well, that hasn’t been working.

  4. You are rocking those runs girl! Way to go!
    I’ve managed two workouts early in the week and off to do another one shortly. Motivation is low at the moment…hoping this workout kicks me into gear.

  5. Isn’t that amazing how much of an impact food affects EVERYTHING? Such a great reminder, especially during the season where we’re constantly craving not-so-healthy “comfort foods” (my weakness is mac-and-cheese…oops!)

  6. Way to go! I’ve been feeling good. Not 100% yet, but almost there. Going to try and get in 32 miles this weekend!!! PS, it’s amazing how much what you put into your body (foodwise) can affect how you feel, isn’t it?

  7. I’ve run at least a mile a day (except for on Wednesday) since a few days prior to Thanksgiving. I am going to keep on with my ‘streak’ until the first of the year. As for my motivation, I’m torn because I want to watch what I’m eating at holiday events; however, I don’t want to be too strict. I know I’ve gained a couple of pounds since October but I’ve also lost 30 over the past couple of years. I know the equation to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle so I’m going to allow myself to indulge more than normal and try not to feel the ‘guilt’ that is associated with straying so far from my daily lifestyle. Does that make sense? 🙂 Christmas comes but once a year!!

  8. Struggling a bit, but I think most of it is actually due to being super busy at work and not getting home until later. However, the part that’s making me struggle is that I just started a Netflix account. I’ve never had netflix before, or even been a big TV watcher, but oh my goodness. I can easily see how someone can sit and watch TV for hours with netflix. Thankfully I have a solid workout plan this weekend that doesn’t require netflix!

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