St Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon Goals

  • Travel to Saint Louis
  • Get to expo
  • Eat carbs
  • RACE!

3 PM and we’re already done with the bulk of my check list :).

We went to the expo this afternoon at about 1130 this morning.


The expo was crazy busy — but I guess I kind of forgot how Rock n’ Roll races are.  For Steamboat our entire expo was in one small room, and packet pick up in another.  That was it.

Today — definitely a different story.   The expo was held at the America Center in downtown, which is connected to the Ed Jones Dome, The major St Louis convention center and where the Ram’s play football.

The expo was well organized, but tight, busy and a little hard to navigate.  I was a little surprised that there weren’t any real freebies, but all the big names were there and you buy really anything and everything you’d need for race day.

We spent about 45 minutes at the Expo, picked up my bib, a 13.1 charm, and running top.  Thank you parents :).

After the expo we ran to Goodwill to get a throw away jacket for tomorrow morning.

It’s expected to be in the low 40’s and dark before the race, so I’m planning on having throw away gloves, a hat, jacket and sweat pants to ditch before or during the race.

I plan to run in running shorts, a tank top, sleeves and compression socks.  Fingers crossed this works.

Now I just need to get that playlist going . . .

We made a quick stop at an Asian fusion restaurant for everyone to get lunch.  I ended up just getting edamame hummus and pad thai to eat for dinner tonight.  Salt and carbs, perfect.


A, B, C Goals for Tomorrow

With my anal tendencies, it’s important to have goals going into tomorrow.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about A,B,C goals for races.  The A goal being something that you could possibly reach if the stars all collide and it’s an absolute perfect day.  B being a little more realistic, but still challenging, and C pretty guaranteed.

Here are my A,B,C goals for the race tomorrow.

  • A: Sub 2:00 half marathon.  Even by a second.
  • B: PR (2:10 half)
  • C: Finish.

I would say the chances of me NOT finishing are slim to none, so C is pretty guaranteed.  I’d say I’m optimistic about a B goal…and goal A?  Well it would take something really special at this point.  And while I’m really uncomfortable even admitting that I’ve even hoped to hit that goal this race, I figure putting it out there and admitting it will help to keep me pushing tomorrow when the going get’s tough.

And that’s it guys.  Those are my goals for tomorrow.  Here.We.Go.

Question of the afternoon:  More motivational lines or approaches 🙂


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30 thoughts on “St Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon Goals

  1. I LOVE your AB & C goal thing- since I’m still recovering from my tendinitis, my original A and B goals for my half have gone out the window, I need to do figure out new ones! Good luck tomorrow, sending good vibes your way 🙂

  2. This may sound crazy… But have you considered not running with music? Rock n Roll will have music every mile marker- ish and it’s a great way to check off those miles in your mind. Also the half course will be pretty full of supporters, water stops, and funny signs to take in along the way. Unplugged makes it easier to take in everything that is happening around you. I also suggest making friends with a pacer – get in the 2 hr pace group, talk it up, and they will make your goal a reality! Worked for me.

  3. “Just Giver”!
    The Bluenose Marathon in Halifax (NS) – that was their theme a few years ago! Just Giver! It was great seen signs saying that as I ran my 1/2 Marathon. I’m excited for you!!! Have FUN!

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