I Made It

I made it safe and sound to Saint Louis about 1030 Central last night, no problem.

My plane food and snacks, book, and sparkling water made the flight a breeze, and before I knew it we were landed — just like that.

As always, it was great to see my parents and we sat at home (me eating a delicious pumpkin cookie) chatting and catching up until about 1230 when I decided I should probably get some sleep.

Is it ever weird for anyone else to sleep in their old bedroom?

I’ve moved in and out of this house a couple times between college, grad school, Chicago etc., so my room has been what is now the guest room, the basement, the back room — everywhere, ha.

But it never fails that when I’m here alone (with out Zach), and I sleep upstairs, an element of deja vu always creeps up.  Thankfully it didn’t affect my sleep at all.  I feel asleep without problem after reading a chapter or two of Allegiant and didn’t wake up until I had to go to the bathroom around 8 AM.

This Morning

I had it planned that I would get a couple miles in around my old neighborhood to shake out the legs, and give my lungs a chance to feel the sea level air.

I got out of bed about 830 (when I started to hear my parents downstairs), and got dressed in one of my 18 running outfits I brought with me.

Seriously, does anyone else pack a TON when they travel for races.  I have enough clothes for half the participants I swear.  Oh well…

I did a few minutes of dynamic stretches (10 lunges, 10 push ups, and 10 bridges), then headed out the door.

Workout of the day:  2 mile shake out run


  • Mile 1: 924
  • Mile 2: 9:11

My neighborhood is fairly flipping hilly, so I felt pretty good about these splits.  My first couple of miles are always slow — so I’m hopeful after these split times.  If I can keep up those paces, I definitely have a PR in me tomorrow.


I showered up quickly after my room so that I could get this day rolling.  And now, my parents are both getting a few things done while I eat a delicious CINNAMIN CRUNCH BAGEL (my fav! Thanks, Dad!) with some coffee until we head out to the expo.


I’m getting pretty psyched up, and know I will be TOTALLY psyched up after the expo.  I’ll be back later with thoughts and goals for tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!



17 thoughts on “I Made It

  1. Oooh it’s going to be a fun weekend for you! Have a blast and good luck at the race! My parents turned my bedroom into an office/exercise room. My sister’s room is the guest room now. :p
    I noticed you are reading Allegiant – I will be curious to know how you like it. I’m in the middle of it right now.

  2. I’m out if the loop with the series. Clearly I need to google and investigate. Have fun at the expo. Those are dangerous places. I always seem to think I need everything there. Haha

  3. We are breakfast twins too! Today started the first of many “Saturday Morning Bagel” days. I had 1/4 of a cinnamon sugar bagel (looks like yours but less awesome), 1/4 of a parmesan, and 1/2 of a pumpkin bagel haha. Gotta mix it up.

    I ALWAYS pack a ton on trips- running or not. Kyle said when he grabbed my luggage (when we left for my half), you realize you packed more for this 1 night than you did for our month long trip in Europe? Lol it was true…

    If I don’t get a chance to wish you again, GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! You will do amazing. Stay positive and don’t get nervous. You’ve been training hard and are well prepared. YOU GOT IT!

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