Mental Running Game: You’re Done.

An amazing final long run.

Let’s get real for one second:  Running is a HUGE mental game, and for the past 2 weeks running has been winning the battle.

I’m not going go into details, but there have been lots of unnecessary tears and anxiety since getting sick after my last 13 miler.  I haven’t been able to get the distance I want and feel I need since, and my body has NOT been well.  This has taken a tole on me, more than I’d like to admit.

But this morning, I laced up — and I was READY TO GO.

Not to mention, I have an amazing husband who wanted to spend some time with me and laced up along side me for the first 4 miles — including being my personal photographer.

DSCN1256 DSCN1257

Elitch Gardens

DSCN1259 DSCN1260

GUS EVEN CAME ALONG FOR THE RUN!  His first in almost a year since he got sick — and he did GREAT!

DSCN1261 DSCN1262 DSCN1263 DSCN1264

I need a personal photographer to come with me more often.  Thanks babe!


DSCN1267 DSCN1268

I dropped the boys off at mile 4 and did a very similar loop on the trails that the three of us did, then finished with a hill into the Highlands neighborhood and eased back in for 10 miles.


Seriously — I’m like a new person.  It’s amazing.

Dear Running,

You’re mental game’s got nothing on me.  With love, Kiss My Ass.  I’ve got this race.

Love, Ashley.

Date Night and a Running Buddy!

Good Morning All 🙂

How was everyone’s Saturday Friday (thanks BUD!)?  I’m getting a late start this morning after a later-than-normal evening.

Date Night

Zach and I wanted a nice date night last night — so we made reservations at a sushi place near us Sushi Sasa.  The only available reservations they had were 6 PM and 8 PM — so we thought we’d act our age for the night and take the 8 PM.

For this lady, that means snacks after work.

Thankfully, the Cardinal game was on to keep me distracted until dinner, and I ran by Whole Foods during my lunch to get us reinforcements through to our 8 PM reservation.


A meat, cheese and cracker tray.

DSC_0357 DSC_0356

My favorite piece of the tray we put together was the date and walnut slice.  If you see this at your local Whole Foods or bakery, give it a shot.  DELISH.  And salami that I bought for Zach.

This, a glass of red wine, and the Cardinals got us through until 8 PM no problem.

Sushi Sasa

By the time we got to dinner, we weren’t nearly as hungry as we normally are — but still got to enjoy some good, fresh fish 🙂


I started out with a cocktail, which I don’t normally do, but it had jalepenos and I’m a sucker for the little hot guys.  It was delicious


And for dinner, we ended up splitting three rolls between the two of us.

DSCN1253 DSCN1251

I apologize for the poor lighting, you know sushi places are dark 🙂

I also apologize for the lack of details on date night, but I went to date night more focused on spending time with Zach and called it a “no blog night”…even though I still took pictures of course.  I love food.   So, unfortunately I don’t remember the names of any of the rolls or my drinks, but it was delicious and I’m really thankful that Zach and I are able to get out to date nights like this every once in awhile.

And now — it’s just before 930 and I’m waiting for it to warm up for before heading out for my run this AM.  Zach may even join me for a few miles — I’m excited!  I’ll be back later to give you full deets about the run 🙂

Quesiton of the Morning:  Do you prefer to run alone or with others?

Normally I prefer to run alone, but if Zach is willing to come with me today I’m not going to pass that up! 🙂