The Day I Ran a Half Marathon, On the Treadmill.

I’m going to be honest with you all . . . I feel like a little bit of a bad ass at the moment.


The last time I felt like this much of a bad ass. . . when I finished the Steamboat Half in June.

Let’s Backtrack. . .

Last Night

We took it really easy last night, carbo loading on pasta, Nuun, Wheat thins and candy.


We were in bed my 11 and when I woke up at 8 this morning, I felt much better than I have the entire week.

With that said, it was still frosty and COLD outside. . . so I realized pretty quickly that I was destined to the treadmill for this run.

I am really working on getting outdoors, but not willing to slip on ice less than a month before the race.

This bummed me out a bit — but lucky for me I found some inspiration and motivation VIA Twitter.

One of my favorite bloggers, and one I’ve read for YEARS (like one of those bloggers you REALLY look up to)  Ashley commented on my tweet with exactly what I needed to hear.

@Chocolatemedals yes you can! Break it into 5ks!

And you guys, that’s exactly what I did — and guess what.  I FINISHED!

Workout of the Day:  Long Run: 13.1 treadmill miles

I broke it up into mini runs: one 5k at a time



first 5k:  29.51



Second 5k:  2858 (I stopped the treamdill after the first 5k on accident..tripped getting off as the belt was still moving.  Happens. Wait, no only happens to me?  Actually it was fine because my treadmill only goes to 99 minutes so I would have had to break it up anyway).  I also took a NASTY Gu at this point.  Lesson:  Stick to the Honey Stingers



I felt strong after the 3rd 5k so kept going until I needed a water break.



And finished my Nuun at 10.6



And then — after 2 hours 3 minutes and 31 seconds on the treadmill, I finished.

And seriously almost cried I was so happy.

No it wasn’t outside like I wanted, but let me tell you this was one MENTALLY challenging run.

And to be honest, me and these legs feel more ready than ever to tackle a half.



Lets go!

Question of the Morning:  What’s the longest you’ve ever run on a treadmill?

13.1 baby.