I am a yoga FIEND right now yall.


Ohmmmmmmmmm. 🙂

Little old secret about this lady.  I was kind of obsessed with yoga for a very long time.  Core Power Yoga and I had regular date nights 5-6 nights a week.  But eventually I grew sick of doing the same routines (CPY does offers a TON of classes on their schedules, which is awesome, but they offer limited class options.  So it gets mundane after a year or so of 5 days a week), and that is actually when I found running.  Not a bad trade off, right?

I have been doing yoga daily for the past few weeks, and it has definitely brought back fond memories of my yogi days.  Again — it’s all about balance during this taper week, and yoga has been a god send.

This afternoon?  I had a date with Jillian and her yoga meltdown.    The weather this afternoon was beautiful so I was able to enjoy some fresh air doing it as well.

To be completely honest with you all — I was all about doing it outside because it was a little cooler and I didn’t want to sweat because I was NOT about to shower again before picking up Zach.  Hence the sports bra.  Man Zach is a lucky man . . . 


Another sandwich on the energy bread loaf from Safeway.

This evening, with a beat salad that I made by just slicing the beat, and baking it in tin foil with some balsamic vinaigrette and salt for 30 minutes.

DSC_0365 DSC_0366

And of course, turkey, cheddar, and raspberry spread with some greens.

And you know I had some chex mix.  Come on.

Now I just have to wait for Zach to get home so I can eat that apple pie.  I may or may not have gotten gelato as well…you know.

In the mean time. . . LETS GO CARDINALS

Question of the Afternoon:  Do you like yoga?  Ever DONE yoga?

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WIAW Bachelorette Edition

It’s Wednesday afternoon — which  means it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the wonderful peas and crayons.  LOVE 🙂


This week, it’s bachelorette edition.  What I have been eating and snacking on with the hubby away on work.


Up to now, Zach has only been gone during the week.  And my weekday (read: work day) breakfasts/Lunches and snacks are pretty boring.

DSC_0189DSC_0220DSCN1091DSC_0337 DSC_0335

Lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee and granola.  I generally snack my way through my work day, so I’m never hungry, and never full.  That has definitely held true during this bachelorette week. My favorite has been the beautiful honeycrisp apples available right now!



A lot of sandwiches and salads for dinner.  When I’m only cooking for one, I’m all about easy.  And really is there anything easier than a delicious sammie or big salad?

And I treated myself to some Whole Foods sushi while the boy was gone as well.  Gotta splurge every once in awhile, right?

Favorite Snack


I have eaten my weight in Honey Chex Mix while the boy is away as well.  Seriously — I blame it on carbo loading for the half this weekend . . . either way, it’s delicious.


I’ve done a lot of baking while Zach was gone as well (Gotta have something nice to welcome him home with!) so there have been lots of baked goods for the taking!



And THAT my friends, is what I’ve eaten in my bachelorette life 🙂  Come back tomorrow for the apple pie recipe!  I’m excited 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: Share one thing you’ve eaten this week — your favorite 🙂

Right now I’d probably say the Masterpiece sandwich, but I’m hopeful for that pie tonight 🙂

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Hump Day Relaxation

Random fact of the day everyone:

A hard working adult sweats up to 4 gallons per day. Most of the sweat evaporates before a person realizes it’s there.

If you know my husband, you’re not too surprised by this random fact ;).

Happy Hump Day

More relaxing, and eating chocolate, once I finished baking and dinner last night.  Thankfully for my waistline, Zach comes home tonight so hopefully I’ll stop with the mindless chocolate eating.

UNFORTUNATELY we have an entire apple pie (and vanilla gelato) to eat in the next 72 hours or less.  I think we’re up to the challenge.

DSC_0358 DSC_0359

This Morning

I am really loving this taper week :).

Workout of the Morning:  YOGA + 1 mile frosty speed walk with Gusman

I let Gus go without a leash for a good chunk of our walk on the trail this morning, so this walk was more of a game of catch up for me with the furball.  BUT I will say I am a huge advocate for these relaxing mornings.  Between the yoga wake up, followed by a cool walk before work, I feel completely refreshed and energized.  Not so bad.

I am planning on a 2 mile ish walk at lunch, then some more yoga when I get home from work to cool down, but I must say I have completely embraced this taper.

What I have not quite yet embraced:  Getting excited about a work day…but I’ll get there 😉

Question of the Morning:  Do you sweat a lot?

I don’t really . . . when I run yes, but not as much as I’d like I would say.  I don’t mind sweat, makes me feel like I did something 🙂  Gross much, Ashley?

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