Is There Anything Better?

What tastes better than ANYTHING when you’re sick?





A homemade soup with a bunch of fresh vegetables , chicken and soul warming broth including:

  • fresh green pepper
  • green onions
  • carrots
  • celery
  • chicken breast
  • green chilies
  • kidney beans
  • chicken broth
  • water
  • herbs/spices

Thank you, husband, for taking such great care of me when I’m down :).

Oh — and great night for STL Fans!


Way to hand it to the Blackhawks — and way to go Cards.  Bring it home in the NLCS!

Now, if you’ll excuse me.  It’s time to enjoy the second half of my favorite sick meal.  A cool cup of ice cream.  🙂

Question of the night:  Are there foods from your childhood that you ate when you were sick?

Around my house, it was always minestrone vegetable soup and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

A Beautiful Trail Run

Thank you so much to EVERYONE for sending so many healthy thoughts my way 🙂

I think the consensus is a bout with some food poisoning.  Violent, awful, but quick moving.   I’m continuing to feel better and better as the day goes on.  A lot of Wheat Thins, sparking water, and Starbursts.  How weird am I?

I did want to backtrack a bit and get back to more normal business.

Yesterday’s Run

5 miles in the Park


Even though I wasn’t feeling hot, I went back to my new favorite park for a quick walk or run . . . whatever my body was feeling.  It was far too beautiful to NOT at least give the run a shot.


I took the first mile nice and slow, and told myself that I could reevaluate at every mile (or more if needed) whether or not I wanted to keep going.


Yesterday I ran one loop around the lake, and then decided to jump off the paved trail and give the actual trails a shot.


The trails were a great idea.  Beautiful and really could take you anywhere.



I ended up making it 5 miles — nice, slow and easy.


(they obviously knew I was coming….)


Like I said, nice and slow.  9:47 BEAUTIFUL miles.


This run reminded me of WHY I love running outside.  To make things even MORE surprising,  I left my IPOD at home for this one.  I really wanted to be in tune with my body AND with the great outdoors ;)…and I’m so glad I did.

I felt SO much more aware of my surroundings and so in tune with everything around me.  Snakes, bugs and all. 😉

Seems like I’m stepping closer and closer to my goal of finding at least one run outdoors that I can do a week as the weather gets cold.  It’s hard NOT to want to be outside when I have runs like this one.

Question:  Where is your favorite place to run?

Sick Day

I apologize for skipping out on my evening post last night guys . . .


You all know, because sometimes I’m a pain in the butt complainer, that I haven’t felt 100% lately.

But yesterday it made a HUGE turn for the worse.

I was feeling better by the time I left work, so decided to go to the park for a walk/run.

I felt much better in the fresh air and running, so I kept going for 5 miles. Glorious, slow but glorious.

I got home, jumped in the shower, and went to let the pup out real fast . . . and it all went downhill.

Within literally 5 minutes, I was completely doubled over in pain in my stomach.  Literally doubled over and crying.

I tried drinking, hoping I was dehydrated.

I tried eating dinner, hoping I needed food.  Nope

I couldn’t keep anything down and spent the bulk of my evening in the bathroom.

Thankfully, I am feeling better than I was last night — but I can still feel the aftershocks and am very cautious to eat anything.

The plan, for now, is to go get some Wheat Thins, and slowly drink water for a little while.

I’ll be back later today, but I wanted to apologize for going MIA!

Edited to Add:  And this is my 200th post! I promise I’ll give you all something more exciting later.