Lessons I’ve Learned


48 hours of being sick doesn’t have to be all bad.



I’ve taken some time to teach myself a few things while I’ve been a curled up in a nasty snot, cramp ball of scarves, blankets, and my beloved heating pad.

Lesson 1: My body breaks down when I don’t give it what it needs.

DSC_0253 DSCN1109


During my last training cycle — I had a similar attack of the crappers.   Both training cycles have also culminated at busy seasons at work.  Hmmmm . . . this may  not be a coincidence.

Note to self:  Ashley, listen to your body and your overall well being.  Give it necessary breathers and breaks.  You are NOT superwoman.

Lesson 2: Heating Pads are Gods Gift to (wo)Men



I have honestly lived with our heating pad on my stomach since last night.  There is something so soothing and comforting.  Remember this for other ailments Ashley.  Tired muscles?  Cramps?  Just cold…use it!

Lesson 3: Eat more real foods  

It’s not like I eat poorly, I don’t.  But these past couple of days have been a reminder of how much better my body responds to REAL food as opposed to even healthy packaged foods.


DSC_0335 DSC_0337

My breakfast this morning.  While I probably should have stayed away from dairy — I wanted to throw every single probiotic I could into my belly.  So yogurt and fruit it was — all natural, and my belly and body thanked me.

More whole foods, tea, water, less granola bars (Love them, can’t help it).  Your body will respond well to this.

Lesson 4: Take More Walks with Gus



I feel like somewhere along training I have forgotten the joy and health benefits that can come from walking.  Yes — I need running miles.  I’m training — but I also need to take some time to smell the roses, and walk.

And bringing along Gus?  He LOVES it and it poops him out the rest of the day.  Talk about win-win!

Lesson 5:   Try to Be More Like August When You’re Sick



Seriously — she sleeps all day.  This has been her, next to me.  In the time since she’s moved — Gus and I have gone on two walks for about 4 miles, I’ve watched 2 episodes of David Tutera, 4 food network shows, talked on the phone for awhile, and eaten plenty.

DSC_0349 DSC_0348 DSC_0347 DSC_0346

Yup — homegirl knows how to recover.

And that, my friends, are a few lessons that I have learned over my 48 hours of sick time.

Question of the Day:  Give me some lessons you’ve learned from being sick!


25 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. -Sleep is so important- don’t fight it, cave in and rest!
    -Pets are awesome sick-day buddies!
    -Buy tissues with lotion in them. Your nose will thank you later (not applicable to your current situation)
    -Hydrate. I tend to be good with hydration EXCEPT for when I’m sick and need it. Weird, huh?
    -Getting a little sunshine and fresh air can really help.
    -Listen to your mom. She’s right.

  2. I love this post. We’re not superwoman and if we’re not careful out bodies will resist and shut down. That’s why I’m starting to do a lot of the stress management and mindful practices. I know stress increases my likeliness of getting sick and I hate being sick.

    My lesson for you is that taking a hot shower when you feel congested helps a lot, not only to clear you up, but overall you feel better from being clean. I always nap better after a shower when I’m sick. I also do something to make myself feel calm and relax. Usually a cup of tea and a good book after said shower. I hope you’re feeling better. Being sick is no fun!

  3. Sleep always is #1, so stay in bed! Drink lots of liquids, listen to your body, and all that good stuff. Don’t overwork yourself and just let it happen til it passes pretty much. Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. last time I was sick I learned:
    a) to sleep lots
    2) to drink lots of fluids
    iii) body pump doesn’t help no matter how much you think it will
    d) my Dr who obsession is reaching epic proportions

    *~~~~~* *~~~~~~* *~~~~*

  5. Call your Mom when your not feeling well – she always knows what to say and confirms what you already know you need to be doing – getting rest, fueling your body and hydrating! So happy to see you are feeling better Sunshine.

  6. I’ve learned that sometimes your body knows when you have a big event coming up (like a wedding or race) and will build up your immunities leading up to it. But after the event has passed, your immune system can crash and you get pretty ill. This happened after my first real half-marathon to both me and my sis. We got sick almost instantly after we crossed the finish line!

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