And I Guess It’s Winter . . .

I woke up this morning and was fooled by the sunshine. . .



That’s not MY picture, but it is definitely how I felt this morning.

I could definitely see Gus and I’s breath and I wished right away that I had put on my gloves and ski coat before heading out.  I guess the Winter months really are upon us.

I should have taken Zach’s constant chatter and excitement about ski season as a hint. . . but he does that 12 months out of the year, so it’s nothing too out of the ordinary.

Anyway. . . because I’m a whimp, and I’m not training for anything at this point, the cold temps brought my run inside.

Workout of the Morning: Speedwork 10k + WOD

In order to justify moving indoors for my run, I decided that I would do some speed work to make it more challenging.  Here’s how it looked:

  • 2 miles warm up (with me stopping the treadmill at the mile marker…damn emergency button)
  • 4 sets of 800’s (@ 7.1-7.5 on the tread) with a 400 recovery in between (6.0-6.1)
  • 2 sets of 400’s (@ same speeds)
  • about half mile cool down at 6.5

For 6.2 miles.  To be honest I have no idea what my time was. . . I was so happy to get off that machine that I didn’t care.

When I was finished with my run, I grabbed a big glass of water than pulled out my travel WODS and tried another one out for size:

Invisible Fran

  • 21, 15, 9 sets
  • squats
  • push ups

I finished in about 2:53…but my legs and arms were cashed.  Real push ups are hard you guys.

Then I decided I wanted to do some core work, so I did sit ups to exhaustion…and only got to about 45 without starting to break form.   Room to grow, right?  Full sit ups are hard too, without somebody holding your feet down, lol.

And now, I’m pooped.  But I haven’t forgotten about Piper’s  Challenge!!

For now:



7.2 miles to date.

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19 thoughts on “And I Guess It’s Winter . . .

  1. someone got in a good workout today! I also accidentally hit the emergency stop button while I’m on the treadmill, drives me nuts

  2. That squat/push up workout sounds awesome! I’m going to have to try that.

    I actually ventured outside for a 6 mile run today and, after running on the treadmill for months, it kicked my butt! I always forget how much hills/wind/etc. make a difference. It felt good to be outside though!

  3. So I’m pretty new to running in general and recently actually started to train properly rather then just running random distances at random paces. So this may sound like a silly question but I was wondering what you meant when you said 4 sets of 800’s. Is that 800 meters? Seconds? I’m interested in trying out your workout regime

  4. Oddly enough our weather warmed up a bit today, but I definitely feel the winter coming on as well. There’s just that certain bite in the air. And that sounds like a good workout, nice job!

  5. Keep up the awesome work twin! It’s so much hard to stay motivated when the weather gets cold. This AM I was scheduled for an 8 mile run. I woke up with a headache and dizzy, so I’m still trying to talk myself into going…

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