Happy First Day of Ski Season

We dusted off our ski gear this morning and hit the mountain.



That is, of course, after a quick 2 miler for me on the ol’ treadmill.  Because of course, even if I’m skiing I can’t break the streak.

Honestly, there is something about the entire ski process that makes me so happy.  I got woken up by the husband and a small cup of coffee to slowly wake myself up.   Skiing always gets him excited, so he’s up way before me.  But it was a nice surprise to wake up with a warm cup of coffee and a chatty boy.  Perfect way to enjoy the AM on a Saturday.

While Zach got everything packed and ready to head up to the mountain, I hit up the gym.  Talk about easy.  We stopped and got an indulgent breakfast breakfast of scones and turn overs, because that’s just part of the routine.

We enjoyed the snow packed mountains as we drove up 70.  As you near the continental divide in Colorado it’s like you’re crossing over into a different world.  Beautiful.

Then of course we hit Loveland pass and the excitement begins.  I started gearing up and we started getting pumped.  Traffic was consistent, so we knew the mountain would be packed.  We weren’t wrong.  At 930 we had to park in the upper lot, a good walk away.  But that’s all a part of the day.  You gear up with all your fellow crazy skiers and treck to the lift.

Yes, there’s a long line today.  But people are excited, everyone’s enjoying the fresh mountain air, and you can hear hoots and hollers from the lift.

Sure, we only got a half day in (you can only ski the same 2 runs so many times), but we still can’t wipe the grins off our face.

There really is something about skiing.

The comradeary and excitement of everyone around you reminds me of race day.  You’re all there for the same reason.  You’re all a little miserable and question the decision to make that last push for your last run, but loving absolutely every single second of it.  And cheering along your new best friends every step of the way.  It’s pretty great.

I am excited for ski season :).

I’ll be back later with a recap with more pictures and details from the rest of the weekend. It’s time for me to enjoy some good beer, veggies and dip, and my family.

Quesiton of the afternoon: Do you ski, or have you?