WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

Man I love food.   Wednesday has become one of my favorite afternoons because I get to look at everybody’s delicious eats from the week :).

So without further adieu, here are my favorite eats from the week for WIAW.   As always thanks to Jenn from peasandcrayons.


DSCN1421 DSCN1418

I know it doesn’t LOOK very breakfasty (more brunch), but my meal at Birtchwood Kitchen was a highlight for the week, not just breakfast.  The turkey was NOT your average deli meat turkey, the bacon perfectly done, and the spreads on the bread?  Forget about it 🙂


DSCN1388 DSCN1396

I’m going to say that my brunch was ALSO my favorite lunch…so I’ll just leave it to snacks for this portion :).  While traveling this weekend Zach and I got to take advantage of his frequent flier status and hang out in the AA lounge…man that makes traveling easier :).  I LOVED the fresh fruit and veggies, snacks and espresso they had!


DSC_0461 DSC_0460

Oh man last nights salmon and salad dinner was a SERIOUS winner!  Healthy and completely satisfying after a cool dark run.



I have been LIVING off these gluten free Pumpkin cookies lately.  Which is probably not a GREAT thing because they are HUGE, but so delicious.

Man I had some good eats this week 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  What is your ultimate favorite TREAT? Cookies? Cake? 


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An AM Run and POTM Update

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday and Happy Hump Day to All 🙂

It’s date night in the Jara household, and although we haven’t nailed down a location, I am excited to get out and about with the hubby tonight.  We’ve got it between two places at this point:

We’ve been to both and have had great experience each time. . . so knowing the two of us it will be a last minute call.

To my Denver friends, which one would you pick?  Or my friends far away, if you checked out the websites which one would you pick? Considering we are the least decisive people in the world,  we could use the help.

Run Streak Continues


My run streak continued this morning (if you include the strength training days that I only ran 2 miles, I’m up to 1o days in a row)

Workout of the Day:  4 miles progressive run on the treadmill

Finished in 37:12, which is actually 12 seconds slower than the run I did with Zach last night outside.  And let me tell you, I PUSHED it for that last mile this morning to get the run done because I was pushing for time.

I guess I am becoming that person that runs quicker OUTDOORS than I do on the dreaded machine?  This kind of makes me feel like a REAL runner 🙂

Pile On The Mile Update


So — with the last 3 runs that I’ve had this week, that puts me at 75.5 miles for the month of November.  24.5 miles away from my goal, with 10 days to do it.    I think I got this, right?

Question of the Afternoon: What’s the longest/best running or work out “streak” that you’ve had?

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