Workout Plan For The Week

Thanks for all the birthday love sent to the boy 🙂

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He knows how much I love the blog and all of you all who support it, and has grown to really appreciate how happy you all make me as well.  So I know he will love looking through the comments :).

Since I postponed my normal morning post to celebrate, I figured I’d jump right in with my morning work out and work out plan for the week.

Workout of the Day: 10 minute treadmill work out, 100 bicep curls (16 lbs), 200 incline sit ups, 300 leg press (40 lbs) 10 minute cool down

This workout was intended to be very similar to last Monday’s work out, with a little switch up.  I get bored easily, and so does my body, but I LOVED the full body work out of last Monday…so I figured I could just get creative.  And it worked out great!  I ended up getting a little over 2 miles in (41 miles currently for POTM) plus a great full body work out.  Loved it

Today I broke it up into

  • 3 sets of 30 each (30 bicep curls, 30 sit ups, 30 leg press)
  • Then finished out doing 20 sit ups to 40 leg press to finish out the 100,200,300 count.

The final cool down on the treadmill was surprisingly easy.  The workout only called for 5 minutes…but with POTM happening I need to pick up the slack and my legs felt strong, so I pushed on.

And now I have zero guilt about eating the homemade granola that was brought into work. Oh yeah!

Workout Plan for the Week

I am switching things up a little bit this week due to plans, so my days will look a little different than normal.  BUT that’s a good thing, right?

  • Monday: Full body WOD
  • Tuesday: 4 miles (recovery PLEASE Ashley)
  • Wednesday:  Full body WOD
  • Thursday: Cycling (50 minutes) + yoga if possible for recovery
  • Friday: 4 miles treadmill
  • Saturday: 3-5  miles outdoors
  • Sunday: 3-5 miles outdoors or yoga

You’ll notice my rest day is missing there, but for good reason!  I’m scaling down some of the other work outs this week so that I can run a few more days than I would probably like to.  Just switching it up folks…don’t worry there WILL be a rest day next week.

Question of the Afternoon:  How often do you take rest days?

Normally once a week.

Happy Birthday Zach

Happy Birthday to the Most Amazing




Fun loving










Wild and Crazy






Freaking cute


Man and husband I know.


I knew you were special when we met, and you just remind me of that every time we’re together.

I am so thankful for you babe.

Cheers to 29 years, and 129 more!

Love you so much!

Question of the Morning:  SEND ZACH SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE!