Who Wants To Talk Running?

I swear I didn’t forget this is a running and healthy living blog 🙂

Oh yeah — back to business, as I promised.  Better late than never, right?

The run streak continues with a 5 mile run this evening post work.

Workout of the Day:  5 mile progressive run on the ol’ tread.

I know I have been getting much better about getting my patute outside and pounding the pavement for these runs, but as I mentioned earlier today Denver got it’s first real snow (and FREEZING cold temps).  While I am getting over my fear of running in the dark, I am not over my fear of running over ice and snow.

I started the run at an easy pace for me (6.2), and kept pushing it up as I felt comfortable and ended about 7.3 I believe.  I finished the run in just under 46 minutes, which is fine by me.

I didn’t  have much planned for this run, just to run by feel…but added an extra mile because I have a treat waiting for me when I finished.


That’s right…Zach and I deserved another small pistachio cake, so I got us one.   If I eat half the cake tonight (to be fair it’s only a 4 inch cake), the extra mile TOTALLY covers that, right?

Thanks, I thought so too.


POTM Update

With tonight’s 5 mile run, I’m square at 80.5 for the month of November, leaving 19.5 miles to go.  While that seems super manageable, ski season is hitting, so my little legs need to be ready at a minutes notice to hit the slopes…which may take away my weekend miles.

Let’s just say I’m not complaining 🙂



While I wouldn’t be complaining if it were, tonight wasn’t completely about running and treats.  We did have some amazing, healthy eats prepared with love from the hubs since I worked late and had to run post work…

DSCN1435 DSCN1436

Stuffed acorn squash and grilled chicken.  Ummm….hello perfect.

Question of the Night: Zach added bacon and brown sugar to the squash.  Is there anything that bacon does NOT make better in the world? Honestly?

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Try To Understand Before You Are Understood

I know I don’t talk about my work very often here on the blog.  For me, it’s important to try and keep the two separate.  This blog is a place for me to be fun and have fun, find inspiration, and hopefully inspire a few people along the way as well.  Not to mention. . . I just like writing :).

But, sometimes my work creeps into my little head so much that I want to include it on the blog.

We had a training this morning about working with clients, specifically focusing on de-escalation techniques.   We work with a lot of people in crisis, and in those moments it is so important to meet a client where they are at.

Something that was said during the training has REALLY stuck with me, and is something that I want to very intentionally work to integrate into my everyday life, both personally and professionally.

Try to understand before you are understood.

As a social worker, and a for-fun writer, wife, daughter and friend, I found this quote extremely relevant to basically every aspect of my day-to-day.

I am an outspoken person.  I have opinions, and I voice them.  I am passionate, vocal, and sometimes stubborn.   I have a lot to say and want to be heard.  While I can see that this is all good in many circumstances, there are times when I need to work on UNDERSTANDING where others are coming from before I get on my own soap box.

I am not normally a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, but this is something that starting today, I am going to resolve to work on. Everyday.  In all my relationships, interactions, and even passions.


Ok — as of this evening, I will be back to normal running and healthy living fun stuff, I swear 🙂


Question of the Afternoon:  Can anybody else relate to this?  Any other out-of-the box  resolutions?

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Who Am I

I’ve had some silly things going on outside of the ol’ bloggosphear lately, so my brain is a bit scattered as of late.

Not always a bad thing, not always a good thing.

This morning I slept in until 9 AM.  I do not know the last time I did this.   Especially on a work day.

Not only did I sleep in, I managed to get to work early, be productive, drink some coffee, and start my day slowly.

I guess that’s what the first real snow will do to you.


Something about the s now feels like a fresh start . . . and that’s what I’m going for here.

Have a great Thursday everyone 🙂

Question of the Morning:  Do you like snow?  Does it signify anything for you?


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