Friday Round Up

Have I mentioned that I love Fridays and am SUPER excited that today is another glorious Friday?

Maybe once? ūüôā

Time for our Friday round up!

Favorite Run



I’m digging working on speed this week. ¬†Shorter distance, faster speeds = short, challenging runs. ¬†I am liking that. ¬†But I’m hopeful that Zach and I get out for a run together this weekend, so that will probably be the highlight run of the week.

Favorite Treat

images (4)


not the real image

I got this AMAZING, huge, gluten free cookie from Vitamin Cottage yesterday as a treat to myself after a super long day…but totally forgot to take a picture. ¬†Bad blogger. ¬†Maybe I’ll go get myself another for tonight, JUST so you guys know what they look like!

Favorite Eat

DSC_0388 DSC_0387


Shockingly enough, taco night wins this week.  Everything worked REALLY well together in this dish.  The tortillas are our favorites, the sausage was super flavorful, and the veggies has the perfect char. Yum.

Favorite Moment

When Zach came home Tuesday. ¬†Sorry for the cheeseball moment you guys — but it’s true.


LOVE this picture, ha.


And of course, a round up of some of my other delish eats this week


DSC_0385 DSC_0383


DSC_0385 DSC_0384




DSC_0385 DSC_0384


DSC_0389 DSC_0390


Lots of good, home cooked meals to round out the week. Which is exactly what this girl needed!

Friday Favorites

  1. Halloween Candy: ¬†Don’t judge me.
  2. Pumpkin anything: I know Fall’s almost over and I’m late to this, but I’m loving it
  3. Birthdays: Can’t wait for Zach’s this weekend :0
  4. Wine:  Giving it up for a bit makes you appreciate it more, right?
  5. Trader Joes: ¬†I just found out via¬†twitter¬†that Tj’s is finally opening on Valentines day of 2014. ¬†You know where Zach and I will be celebrating the holiday. . .

Question of the Afternoon: ¬†One Friday favorite this week (and no, not the movie…you know who you are).

Work Out Round Up

Happy Friday everyone! ¬†Another week in the books, and I could NOT be looking forward to it more than I am right now. Just need to get through one more work day, and we’re golden! ūüôā



This Morning

Ahhh even though I am not training for anything specific right now, I have chosen to leave my Friday’s as rest days to leave my options open for longer/more challenging weekend work outs.

Let’s just say I took full advantage of my rest day this morning, and slept in until the sun was way up.

Workout Round Up

I am happy with how I did work out wise this week, pretty much right on with sticking to the schedule.  Gotta love that.

Here’s what was planned for me:

  • Monday: Full body WOD
  • Tuesday: 3.5 miles, speed work
  • Wednesday: Full body WOD or cross training on the bike
  • Thursday: ¬†3.5 miles, outdoors or speedwork
  • Friday: YOGA/REST
  • Saturday: Short run and skiing (likely)
  • Sunday: 5 miles and short bike ride

And here’s what I did:

  • Monday: Full body WOD (10 min treadmill, 100 push ups, 200 sit ups, 300 squats, 5 minutes treadmill)
  • Tuesday: 3.5 speed miles
  • Wednesday: 10-10-10 (10 minutes speed treadmill, 10 miles bike, 10 minutes cool down treadmill)
  • Thursday: 3.5 miles speed work
  • Friday: YOGA/REST
  • Saturday: Short run and skiing (likely)
  • Sunday: 5 miles and short bike ride

It’s looking like our weekend could get switched around because at the moment Zach isn’t feeling skiing this weekend (I know, I checked to make sure he didn’t have a fever)…in which case we’d probably run together tomorrow, then I’d do some kind of recovery work out Sunday. ¬†You all know I’ll keep you up to date ūüôā

Question of the Morning: What will be the highlight of your weekend coming up?

Saturday’s cocktail event Zach and I are going to, for sure ūüôā