Always A Bummer And A Fast Five

Even though it’s undeniably time that it be done . . . taking down the tree is always a bit of a sad day in the Jara household.

photo 2-7


Thankfully, through some awesome teamwork out ornaments and lights were down within a half hour.    Not too shabby. . . and now all we have to do is take the actual tree to the dump, and wash and store the tree skirt.  Holiday’s 2013, you were pretty stellar 🙂  thanks for the memories.

photo 3-6


Workout Of The Day:  5 miles speed work + weights

Today, for the first time in the January rush, I had to wait for a treadmill.  Frustrating, with that said I am pretty impressed with how chill I was (AKA: I only glared and stalked the runners for a few minutes. . . ).  I decided to take advantage of the time and squeeze in some weights

  • 3 sets of 15 incline sit ups
  • 3 sets of 15 chest press
  • 3 sets of 15 leg press (40 lbs)

Just enough to get me warmed up and by the time I was finished, I only waited another  minute or two.  My run was actually pretty entertaining tonight:

  • 800 @ easy pace
  • 800 @ challenging pace
  • 400 @ easy pace
  • 400 sprint
  • repeat the 400’s
  • Repeat the entire cycle
  • Finish with one easy mile

photo 1-7


That ended up being a little under 43 minutes for my 5 miler.  Not-too-shabby for this girl.  I always LOVE getting my workout done in the AM, my PM workouts always seem to be a bit stronger.  I need to work on trying to get a little fuel in before my AM workouts if I want to change this I think . . .

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the BCS bowl game and dinner the hubby prepped for me! 🙂  If we’re lucky maybe I’ll have some good pics and a recipe for tomorrow of the meal.  Tonight’s menu included a Mexican flare.

Question of the Night:  When do you take down your holiday decorations?

25 thoughts on “Always A Bummer And A Fast Five

  1. I got our tree down on New Year’s Day while Jeff was helping friends move a fridge. I was kinda glad to get that job done, sad as it may be! And then, after I got everything done, I was grocery shopping at Super Target and came across a Christmas ornament at 90% off that describes us PERFECTLY so I had to have it-bride and groom on a motorcycle-just like our cake topper. For .70, it was just cheesy enough to be cute.

  2. I take ours down on the 3rd as my husbands birthday is on the 4th and he’s spent so many years with his birthday getting lost in the Christmas and new year melee, I think it should be all about his day by then. It’s always sad though, the house looks bare 😞

  3. awesome time on that run! I’m lame so I took my christmas decorations down a couple days after christmas but I fully support leaving them up for a while, especially outdoor decorations.

  4. All my Christmas stuff is sitting on the living room table waiting to be boxed up. So depressing! We still need to work on the Christmas tree. Worst chore ever.

    When you do speed work on the treadmill, what speed to you usually run for your challenging pace? I’d like to do some speed work on the treadmill to switch things up, but not really sure where to start.

  5. My wife had last weekend off (she works retail) and we decided to actually relax and enjoy the time as a full family before we all went back to school/work yesterday. So we will get them all down eventually – but since we have a fake tree (allergies, no choice) it is less of an issue or rush.

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