I Got off Early

. . . So I headed down to the gym. I fully understand that I’m crazy for enjoying a quick run when I’m bored, but please don’t judge. We’re all friends here, right?



Today was just an all around special day at work. Sure our schedule was off, but we only had a half day with clients AND our bosses provided us with breakfast.


I had my share of fresh fruit and a new to me Greek yogurt, Chiobani pineapple. I may or may not have added some white chocolate chips in the mix, but lemme tell ya. Delish. I actually haven’t had yogurt in awhile and it was a nice mix up.

While I was eating breakfast, some of you may have seen what our furballs were up to…


I guess the Jara’s were just lucky all around today :).

That’s all I’ve got for today! Time to relax and enjoy the fact that while it totally felt like Monday, tomorrow is Friday. Bring on the weekend!

Question of the day: what is your go to when you’re bored?

I Got A Craving

Quick one this morning.  Gotta be in work a little bit early today (but hey, that means I get to leave early too. . . not a bad deal).

I Got a Craving

I have been craving sushi crazy-style lately.  And not just any sushi, as crazy as this may sound, I’ve been craving Whole Foods Pacific Salad Roll.  I have been wanting it for more than a week now . . . knowing that it’s my treat when Zach is gone.  Welp, the boy isn’t going to be gone anytime soon . . . so yesterday at breakfast (yes, I think about later meals AS I’m eating a meal . . . ) I asked if it was OK if I skipped our normal dinner plans and picked myself up some sushi.

photo 2-4


Of course my wonderful husband didn’t care and last night, my craving was fulfilled.  Do you ever get that?  Where you have a craving and nothing else will do?  Yikes. . . I needed that sushi.

Last Night

Besides my delicious sushi, Zach and I took our day off yesterday as a chance to relax and enjoy each other.

photo 3-3


. . . and the furballs.  Including those that we are dogsitting.  Hello Molly!

photo 4-2 photo 5-2


I took some time to make a running log (I really want to keep track of my miles this year, not just trust daily mile) and enjoyed a pot of black tea through out the afternoon in trying to help sooth my sore throat.

Overall it was a perfectly relaxing evening that made it fairly easy for me to wake up this morning ready to get moving.

Workout Of The Morning:  4 miles progressive

  • Start at 6.3, go up each minute every minute until 10.  Restart
  • (random 8.0 thrown in there to keep things moving)

photo 1-4


I finished my run in 35:30 and was so thankful to get it out of the way.  Zach and I are hoping to stay over in Winter Park again this weekend.  If we ARE able to do that, then tomorrow will be my rest day with Saturday and Sunday full of skiing and lesser running.  I’m excited 🙂

Question of the Morning:  Do you ever get cravings you just can’t ignore?