I Heart Tacos!

Good Morning and a very Happy Tuesday to everyone :).

As I mentioned when I left you all last night, Zach and I enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal last night…

photo 1 (3)


Chicken Tacos and side salads (still working through those greens).  While I don’t have a specific recipe, our taco ingredients were

  • One large white onion (grilled)
  • Two large cut green peppers (grilled)
  • 4 small chicken thighs (grilled, 1 was plenty for me, we had left overs)
  • Our favorite tortillas
  • Topped with greens and salsa, peppercinis  + side salad (basically the same greens that topped the tacos)

Delicious and fresh!  Homemade Mexican is seriously SO easy and you can do SO much with it!

Sweet Ending

Of course, you all know I didn’t forget about my sweet ending to the evening 🙂

photo 2 (3)


I picked up these cookies from work.  They’re from a local bakery near our office.  While they weren’t my favorite by any means (I was craving chocolate and these were primarily oatmeal) it still hit the spot!

Workout Of the Morning:  4 miles + weights

  • Fairly easy, sporadic 4 miles. . . really just pushed it to finish the run.  Nothing spectacular, but got ‘er done and that’s all I wanted to do this morning.

photo 3 (3)

And as for weights, it was actually the same exact routine I did yesterday:

  • 3 reps of 15 incline sit ups
  • 3 reps of 15 chest press 20 lbs
  • 3 reps of 15 leg press

I am enjoying integrating just a little bit of strength into my routine when I can.  Nothing crazy, but something fun.  Does anybody remember when I did the challenge early in the blog life?

And that’s all I got for you this morning. 🙂  Have a great day everyone!

Question Of The Morning: Do you have any homemade Mexican meals you like?  We could use to switch it up . . . 



30 thoughts on “I Heart Tacos!

  1. I made a pretty fantastic beans and rice in the crock pot the other day, does that count as Mexican? There was salsa in it, so I vote yes. Jeff LOVES tacos and can’t get enough of them. I’m weird-tortillas are one of the things that I avoid, because to me they don’t get enough caloric bang for their buck. I don’t get enough taste from them to not obsess over what else I could have ate for those hundred calories.

  2. My Mexican recipes are the same way — not very specific. I like to make chicken in the slow cooker with salsa for salads. Good for you working out in the morning. I have a hard time with that!

  3. Have you ever had the pollo asado from TJ’s? It’s in the raw meats section- basically raw, marinated chicken breast. It makes the best fajitas! It’s pretty pricey, but I think it’s totally worth it 🙂 Kyle will eat it like a normal taco, but I prefer to put it in some sort of green (lettuce, collards, etc.) as a wrap.

  4. Question about your treadmill runs: do you ever find that your treadmill seems to be recalibrated? I usually run outside but with the wind and cold lately I’ve made friends with my apartment building’s treadmill. Map My Run always tells me that I’m running 8:30-9 minute miles, but that pace is HARD for me on a treadmill, at least on the ones down in my gym. So confused as to what my actual pace is 😦

  5. mmm, tacos are the best. Sometimes I try to create something similar to a chipotle burrito bowl, it’s usually turns out pretty darn delicious

  6. My mexican meals are always super plain and simple (but then again most of my meals are 🙂 ) I need a cookie now!

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