Always A Bummer And A Fast Five

Even though it’s undeniably time that it be done . . . taking down the tree is always a bit of a sad day in the Jara household.

photo 2-7


Thankfully, through some awesome teamwork out ornaments and lights were down within a half hour.    Not too shabby. . . and now all we have to do is take the actual tree to the dump, and wash and store the tree skirt.  Holiday’s 2013, you were pretty stellar 🙂  thanks for the memories.

photo 3-6


Workout Of The Day:  5 miles speed work + weights

Today, for the first time in the January rush, I had to wait for a treadmill.  Frustrating, with that said I am pretty impressed with how chill I was (AKA: I only glared and stalked the runners for a few minutes. . . ).  I decided to take advantage of the time and squeeze in some weights

  • 3 sets of 15 incline sit ups
  • 3 sets of 15 chest press
  • 3 sets of 15 leg press (40 lbs)

Just enough to get me warmed up and by the time I was finished, I only waited another  minute or two.  My run was actually pretty entertaining tonight:

  • 800 @ easy pace
  • 800 @ challenging pace
  • 400 @ easy pace
  • 400 sprint
  • repeat the 400’s
  • Repeat the entire cycle
  • Finish with one easy mile

photo 1-7


That ended up being a little under 43 minutes for my 5 miler.  Not-too-shabby for this girl.  I always LOVE getting my workout done in the AM, my PM workouts always seem to be a bit stronger.  I need to work on trying to get a little fuel in before my AM workouts if I want to change this I think . . .

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the BCS bowl game and dinner the hubby prepped for me! 🙂  If we’re lucky maybe I’ll have some good pics and a recipe for tomorrow of the meal.  Tonight’s menu included a Mexican flare.

Question of the Night:  When do you take down your holiday decorations?

My Plan For the Holiday Week

By the time this posts, I’ll have a little less than 5 hours until I’m done and off for Holiday break.  I could NOT be more excited.

family3familyfamily 4



Family and friends here we come!

Now of course, you know me… total freakazoid.  While I could not be more excited about the time off with family and friends, I know that moderation will be the name of the game. I did a post back before Thanksgiving about my healthy holiday tips,  and I absolutely plan to follow those same rules of thumb.

But — what are my plans for getting through the last bit of the holiday season without needing to get a new pair of jeans?

  • Run when I can.

My priority is absolutely spending time with family and friends.  But during these relaxing weekends, there is often downtime.  While I may not have completely scheduled runs in, I don’t see it being a problem to fit multiple runs in as long as I’m flexible and just wait for the opportunity (hello naptime!)

  • Start each day on a healthy note

With the possible exception of Christmas, I want to start each day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.   I find that when I start the day healthy, I tend to indulge less as a whole through out the day.

  • Eat what I like

I always have treats around . . . but I don’t WASTE valuable stomach space, especially around the holiday’s, on foods I don’t really like.  Sure, I am going to indulge,  but I am going to make sure those indulgences count.  No wasting my sweet tooth on something I’m not really going to like.  Hello homemade Christmas treats, not boxed cookies!

  • Rule: One glass of water for every alcoholic beverage I consume.

Holiday party, or just Thursday afternoon.  The holidays often include more booze than your normal week.  Let’s just say Christmas morning coffee sometimes includes Bailey’s…that’s not normal for Wednesday.  But, I am here and not making a rule for myself.  I can have a drink, but make sure I have a glass of water for every drink that I have.  Not only will this help keep me hydrated, it will also fill up my stomach more than just the booze! Win-win.


Things have been crazy around these parts, so first and foremost, I need to RELAX during this week away.  Yes, for me that includes running and activity…but that is relaxing for me. I need to take advantage of being VERY far away from all the things that normally stress me out, and just ENJOY myself so that by the time 2014 hits, I’m ready to roll! 🙂

That my friends, is my plan for the holiday!

What’s your plans for the holiday?

We Didn’t Forget About The Tree

I’m going to admit — when Zach and I didn’t decorate yesterday, the thought occurred to me that we may not actually get to it.  Keep postponing it, excuses, etc.



But nope –we got to decorating right as I got home from work (Zach skied today, so we both got home around the same time).



Zach started with the lights while I got all of our ornaments out of their boxes and added their hanging pin.



Beautiful! Within an hour, we had a beautiful tree that makes us feel like home :).  Unfortunately we never got to putting up a tree last year, so this means that much more to us this year.

My New Favorite Ornament



Honestly, how beautiful is this ornament?  Well just wait until I tell you what it actually is.

My friend Jessica who was in town this weekend brought this little beauty as a gift.  It’s actually a clear ornament with the lyrics to our wedding song inside.  How amazing is that?  Jason Mraz, I Won’t Give Up.

So thoughtful, and pretty.  It makes me smile every time I look at it :).

Now it’s time to sit down to dinner and enjoy or beautiful tree!  Have a great night everyone — Merry Christmas ❤

(Promise I won’t be saying that every single day until the holiday…)

Question of the evening:  What’s your favorite/most meaningful ornament?  From childhood or now…


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