I woke up this morning like I do most mornings. Tossed and turned then reached for my phone to check the time…obviously curious to how much more sleep time I have left. Blank screen.

The horror. My phone was dead…not working. My first line of defense was to try a different outlet. Nada. Naturally I freaked out… Throwing a pity party that my new pretty phone already broke.

In order to keep from throwing a complete temper tantrum I went to the gym to run out my frustration (and try outlets outside of our apartment).

workout of the morning 3 speed miles and 50 incline sit ups.

Zach and I are on our way to the mountains this weekend…so we didn’t have much time to problem solve. We decided we’d run by Walgreens on our way out of town and pick up a car charger (compromise: I don’t have one so we won’t be replacing something we don’t know for sure is broken).

Whomp whomp. Still no luck. After cursing apple and my phone company, I accepted that I’d be months without a phone while they replace it.

Zach assured me that my first step was to call the phone company and troubleshoot. With a 15 second hold of the power and home button my phone rebooted. Fully charged. And I accepted that I am kind of a douche.

So moral of the story: I exaggerate a little sometimes. At least I got a good run out of it 🙂

See you on the mountain