Friday Round Up


Sometimes pictures can say it better than we can . . .



Woof . . . almost there you guys.

Shocked Face



I ended last night like I have every night for the past week . . . with my (portioned out: success) peanut butter pretzel crisps.  AWESOME.  Unfortunately, Zach and I are starting to run low on our bags, so looks like a trip to Whole Foods during lunch is in order.  Sad, but true.

This Morning

Was a GLORIOUS Friday morning rest-day.  I have been REALLY thinking about my training schedule and am hoping to begin it shortly after coming back from the honeymoon — and am really looking forward to being forced to take these wonderful rest days again.


I had a pretty good week, overall when it comes to work outs.

  • Monday: 40 minute run (4.53 m) + 40 squats, 40 incline sit ups and 40 chest press
  • Tuesday:  40 minute run (4.26) + plank work
  • Wednesday: 40 minute EASY run (4.08 m iles) + yoga
  • Thursday: 50 minute speed work (5.61) + 10, 10, 10 work out (60 squats, sit ups and push ups in sets of 10)

I am hoping to fit in another yoga session this afternoon, post work after reminding much my body appreciates it Wednesday.  Other than that, Zach and I may try and go out for a run together tomorrow, and I’ll be planning to squeeze in a run Sunday after I drop Zach off for the air port (Have I mentioned he’s going to London?!).

My body was definitely feeling the miles this week, but I pushed through and knew that a rest day today was NOT A QUESTION.  One week and a day until the honeymoon and NO TREADMILLS IN SIGHT! 🙂

Food Porn!






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photo 2-14 photo 1-14



Enjoy your Friday everyone! 🙂